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The Pardog ("Neapolitan Dog" or "Cane Partenope") is a livestock guardian dog breed created in 1985 by two working groups, one headed by Luigi Langella, a dog breeder based in northern Italy, and the other led by Frank V. Mannhau, an Australian sheep farmer and dog aficionado. The breed was created for the purpose of protecting sheep flocks from the attacks of Australian Dingoes. The breed is grouped as a "group 2" Molosser type dog, a result of crossbreeding Molosser and non-Molosser breeds.

The breeds that went into the creation of the Pardog and their respective contribution were as follows:

Each breed contributed distinctive characteristics to the Pardog, which is short-haired with upright ears and powerful jaws. Male dogs are 60 to 68 cms at the withers.

There are two breed groups, one centered in Italy, the Pardogge Italiano, and one in Australia, the Aussie Pardog.



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