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Paris Air Show
Salon International de l'Aéronautique et de l'Espace, Paris-Le Bourget
Paris Air Show

Paris Air Show 2007 - first day

Host airport: Le Bourget airport
Location: Paris
Country: France
Coordinates: 48°57′20″N 2°25′57″E / 48.9555°N 2.4324°E / 48.9555; 2.4324Coordinates: 48°57′20″N 2°25′57″E / 48.9555°N 2.4324°E / 48.9555; 2.4324
Established: 1909
Type: Commercial
Held Odd years, June
Operated by: Groupement des Industries Françaises Aéronautiques et Spatiales
Events aerobatic displays
static displays

The Paris Air Show (Salon International de l'Aéronautique et de l'Espace, Paris-Le Bourget) is an international trade fair for the aerospace business. It is held at Le Bourget Airport near Paris, France every odd year, alternating both with the Farnborough International Exhibition and Flying Display and the Internationale Luft- und Raumfahrtausstellung Berlin (ILA).

The Paris Air Show is a commercial air show, organised by the French aerospace industry's body the Groupement des Industries Françaises Aéronautiques et Spatiales (GIFAS) whose main purpose is to demonstrate military and civilian aircraft to potential customers. It is one of the most prestigious in the world; traditionally, some major sales contracts are announced during the show as part of the corporate communication of the manufacturers. All major international manufacturers, as well as the military forces of several countries, attend the Paris Air Show.

In addition to industrial visitors, during the closing days of the salon, the show welcomes a large number of public visitors from France and many other European countries, when admission is not limited to visitors with industry affiliations.



Salon de la locomotion aérienne, 1909, Grand Palais, Paris.
SNCASE SE-212 Durandal experimental jet/rocket fighter aircraft at the 1957 Air Salon

The Paris Air Show traces its history back to the first decade of the 20th century. In 1908 there was a section of the Paris Automobile Show dedicated to aircraft, and from 1909 there was an Air Show, held at the Grand Palais. There were four further shows before the First World War. The show re-started in 1919, and from 1924 they were held every two years. The shows were interrupted again by the Second World War, and they re-started again in 1946. Since 1949, they have been held in every odd-numbered year.

The air shows continued to be held at the Grand Palais, and from 1949 flying demonstrations were staged at Orly Airport. In 1953, the show was relocated from the Grand Palais to Le Bourget. During the late 1960s and early 1970s, the show emerged as a powerful international rival to the Farnborough Air Show. The 1971 show featured a full scale mock-up of an Airbus A300 and the 1973 show the new DC-10 and Lockheed Tristar. The show suffered its worst accident in 1973 when a Tupolev Tu-144 crashed killing the six crew and eight people on the ground.


The 48th International Paris Air Show took place from 15 to 21 June 2009.[1] Recent past Paris Air Show took place on the following dates:

  • 44. 17–24 June, 2001
  • 45. 15–20 June, 2003
  • 46. 13–19 June, 2005
  • 47. 18–24 June, 2007
  • 48. 15-21 June, 2009

1973 Paris Air Show

At the Paris Air Show on June 3, 1973, the first Tupolev Tu-144 production aircraft (reg 77102) crashed. While in the air, it undertook a violent downwards maneuver. Trying to pull out of the subsequent dive, the plane broke up and crashed, destroying 15 houses and killing all six on board and eight on the ground.

The causes of this incident remain controversial to this day. Theories include:

  1. The Tu-144 was forced to avoid a French Mirage chase plane which was attempting to photograph its canards, which were very advanced for the time, and that the French and Soviet governments colluded with each other to cover up such details.
  2. Another theory claims that the cause of this accident was due to changes made by the ground engineering team to the auto-stabilisation input controls prior to the second day of display flights. These changes were intended to allow the Tu-144 to outperform Concorde in the display circuit.
  3. A final theory relates to deliberate misinformation on the part of the Anglo-French team. The main thrust of this theory was that the Anglo-French team knew that the Soviet team were planning to steal the design plans of Concorde, and the Soviets were allegedly passed false blueprints with a flawed design.

1989 Paris Air Show

A MiG 29 crashed during a demonstration flight with no loss of life. The Russian space shuttle Buran and its carrier Antonov An-225 was first publicly displayed outside of Russia at this show.

2005 Paris Air Show

A Mirage 2000-5 at the Paris Air Show
An AH-64 Apache at the 2005 Paris Air show

The 2005 show, held 13–19 June, witnessed the return of American companies in large numbers following the downscaling of their presence in 2003 in relation to the Iraq War. Another strain in relations in 2005 was the recently launched World Trade Organisation litigation, which involved action filed by the United States against the EU member States alleging WTO-inconsistent subsidies to Airbus.



  • An amateur video of static and flying aircraft at the 2005 edition of the Paris Air Show

Significant Events

Tuesday 14th

2007 Paris Air Show

The 2007 Paris Air show
Paris Air Show 2007 - first day

Aircraft presented for the first time at the Paris Air Show

Significant Orders

Monday 18th

Tuesday 19th

Wednesday 20th

  • Aeroflot orders 22 A350 XWB aircraft
  • Kingfisher Airlines orders 15 A350 XWB, 5 A340-500, 10 A330 and 20 A320 family aircraft
  • Afriqiyah Airways orders 6 A350 XWB aircraft
  • Etihad Airways orders 4 A340-600, 5 A330-200 and 3 A330-200 freighter aircraft
  • Aircastle Ltd. orders 15 A330-200F freighter aircraft and 5 A321 aircraft (for lease to Aeroflot)
  • KLM orders 7 737-700 aircraft
  • Air France orders 9 777-300ER aircraft
  • Libyan Airlines orders 7 A320, 4 A330 and 4 A350 XWB aircraft
  • CIT orders 25 A320 and 7 A350 XWB aircraft
  • Ural Airlines orders 5 A320 aircraft
  • MNG Airlines orders 2 A330-200F aircraft

Thursday 21st

Friday 22nd

  • Singapore Airlines orders 20 A350 XWB aircraft
  • National Air Service orders 20 A320 aircraft

2009 Paris Air Show

In 2009, the Show marked a hundred years of technological innovation in aeronautics and space conquest. The event was held June 19-21, 2009, at Le Bourget in Paris, France.

A memorial service was held at the air show for the victims of Air France Flight 447.[2]

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