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Older-style Parliament Lights cigarette package (soft pack)

Parliament is a brand of cigarettes marketed by the company Philip Morris. The brand was introduced in 1931[1] and is distinctive for their recessed paper filters and a sharp, tangy flavor. The Parliament brand holds a strong market position in Japan, Argentina, Israel, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Russia, Montenegro and the United States.



Parliaments are sold in several different varieties:

  • Full Flavor: Kings
  • Lights: Kings and Hundreds
  • Ultra Lights: Kings and Hundreds
  • One (nicotine - 0.1mg, tar 1.0mg)
  • Menthol Full Flavor: Kings and Hundreds
  • Menthol Lights: Kings and Hundreds
  • Menthol Extra Lights: Kings and Hundreds
  • Super Slims: Hundreds
  • Menthol Super Slims: Hundreds

In Pop Culture

  • In the movie Joe Somebody, Meg Harper, the Wellness Coordinator at STARKe Pharmeceuticals, is smoking in her office and a pack of Parliaments is seen on her desk.
  • In The West Wing episode The U.S. Poet Laureate, there is a scene in which Josh describes the moderator of a fansite devoted to him as "a dictatorial leader who I'm sure wears a muumuu and chain-smokes Parliaments".
  • In the Family Guy episode "I Take Thee Quagmire" Peter's maid for the week cleans out his bellybutton and pulls out a carton of Parliament cigarettes, to Peter's utter surprise.
  • In Rules of Attraction, Parliaments are the preferred brand of Sean Bateman.
  • Regina Spektor refers to Parliaments in her song "That Time," off of her 2006 album, Begin to Hope.
  • In the song "Chillout Tent" by The Hold Steady, it says "She looked just like a baby bird, all new and wet and trying to light a Parliament."
  • In Halloween the Marion Whittington character is smoking a couple of Parliament cigarettes in the scene after the opening.
  • In the Gym Class Heroes song "7 weeks" off the album "As Cruel As School Children," frontman Travis McCoy begins the first verse with the line "My life is yellow lines, concrete, and Parliament butts."
  • In Ian Fleming's novel Goldfinger, Junius Du Pont offers James Bond a Parliament cigarette.
  • In the Will & Grace episode "Went to a Garden Potty" Jack's acting teacher, Zandra, says that if she were still smoking, she would take her Parliament and stick it in his eye.
  • American actress Joan Crawford was known for smoking Parliaments, as well as American actress Lindsay Lohan is today.
  • Harry Kalas, Hall of Fame announcer for the Philadelphia Phillies, was also known for smoking Parliaments.
  • Parliament cigarettes served as the inspiration for the name of the doo wop singing group The Parliaments, lead by George Clinton.
  • In the FX drama Rescue Me, Franco and Sean are seen smoking Parliament Lights.
  • In the song "Cigarettes" by folk-punk band Andrew Jackson Jihad the song (sarcastically) claims that "smoking makes cool, and smoking makes you rule...but only if you smoke Parliament".
  • The character Jesse Pinkman on the series Breaking Bad is occasionally seen smoking Parliament Lights.
  • Rapper Smoov-E features Parliaments in several of his music videos.
  • Rapper Mac Lethal features Parliaments in multiple songs and has a track entitled "Parliament Menthol Lights."

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