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People's Assembly of the Republic of Abkhazia
Аҧсны жәлар реизара
Народное Собрание Республики Абхазия
Type Unicameral
Speaker Nugzar Ashuba, independent
since 2002
Members 35
Meeting place

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The People's Assembly of the Republic of Abkhazia (Abkhaz: Аҧсны жәлар реизара, Russian: Народное Собрание Республики Абхазия) is the legislature of the internationally unrecognised Republic of Abkhazia.


The People's Assembly has 35 members, elected for five-year terms in single-seat constituencies. Nugzar Ashuba is the current speaker of parliament.[1] He was first elected on 3 April 2002, succeeding Sokrat Djindjolia, who was the speaker of parliament from 1996 until 2002. After the 2007 elections, Ashuba was reelected to the position of speaker, defeating Adgur Kharazia.[2]

The current deputy speakers are Albert Ovsepyan, Irina Agrba and Vyacheslav Tsugba. Until 2007, there had been only two deputy speakers, but on the iniative of President Sergei Bagapsh the Assembly decided to increase the number to three to allow for a woman to become deputy speaker.[3]

On 10 June 2008 deputy Omar Kvarchia suddenly died.[4] The resulting by-election was won by Emma Gamsonia.

# Constituency Name Affiliation Notes
1 Sukhumi Talikh Khvatysh
2 Sukhumi Soner Gogua
3 Sukhumi Rita Lolua
4 Sukhumi Batal Kobakhia
5 Sukhumi Lev Shamba
6 Sukhumi Irina Agrba Deputy Speaker
7 Sukhumi Pavel Leshchuk
8 Pitsunda Roman Benia
9 Bzyb Valeri Bganba
10 Gagra Amra Agrba
11 Gagra Valery Kondakov
12 Tsandripsh Valery Mayromyan
13 Otkhura Garik Samanba
14 Duripsh Guram Gumba
15 Lykhny Mikhail Sangulia
16 Gudauta Vladimir Nachach-ogly
17 Aatsin Viacheslav Mikhail-ipa Tsygba Deputy Speaker
18 New Athos Vitali Smyr
19 Eshera Lev Avidzba
20 Gumista Albert Ovsepyan Deputy Speaker
21 Besleti Valeri Kvarchia
22 Pshap Sergei Matosyan
23 Machara Viktor Vasilyev
24 Dranda Adgur Rafet-ipa Kharazia
25 Beslakhuba Yuri Zukhba
26 Chlou Zaur Adleiba
27 Kutol Nugzar Nuri-ipa Ashuba Speaker
28 Atara Temur Kvitsinia
29 Ochamchira Beslan Jopua
30 Tkvarcheli Daur Arshba
31 Tkvarcheli Aleksandr Chengelia
32 Uakum Emma Gamsonia Elected in by-election after the death of Omar Kvarchia
33 Chuburkhinji Yuri Kereselidze
34 Gali Viacheslav Vardania
35 Shashikvar Bezhan Ubiria

2007 parliamentary elections

e • d  Summary of the 4 March 2007 Abkhazian People's Assembly election results
Parties Votes % Seats
Pro-president Aitaira (Revival)   28
Amtsakhara (Signal Lights)  
United Abkhazia  
Others Forum of Abkhaz People’s Unity   7
Communist Party of Abkhazia  
Russian Citizens Union  
Total (turnout  %)   35




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