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Legislative Assembly of Macau

Assembleia Legislativa de Macau
4th Legislative Assembly
Coat of arms or logo.
Type Unicameral
President Lau Cheok Va
since 16 October 2009
Vice President Ho Iat Seng
since 16 October 2009
First Secretary Chui Sai Cheong
since 16 October 2009
Second Secretary Kou Hoi In
since 20 December 1999
Members 29
2009-2013Legislative Assembly of Macau Seat Composition.png
Political groups      ANMD (3)
     UPD (2)
     ACUM (2)
     NUDM (1)
     UPP (1)
     NE (1)
     UMG (1)
     Mudar (1)
Functional constituencies & appointed members
     MBIU (4)
     EAJCC (2)
     MPIU (2)
     ECSUA (2)
     CE Appointments (7)
Last election 20 September 2009
Meeting place
Macau AL Meeting Room.jpg
Macau Legislative Assembly Building

The Legislative Assembly of the Macau Special Administrative Region (Portuguese: Assembleia Legislativa da Região Administrativa Especial de Macau; Traditional Chinese:澳門特別行政區立法會; Simplified Chinese:澳门特别行政区立法会) is the organ of the legislative branch of Macau. It is a 27-member body comprising 12 directly elected members, 10 indirectly elected members representing functional constituencies and 7 members appointed by the chief executive.



The Assembly has the following charter:

  1. To enact, amend, suspend or repeal laws;
  2. To examine and approve budgets; and examine the report on audit;
  3. To decide on taxation and approve debts to be undertaken by the government
  4. To debate the policy addresses by the Chief Executive;
  5. To debate any issue concerning public interests;
  6. To receive and handle complaints from Macau residents

Election results

e • d  Summary of the 20 September 2009 Legislative Assembly of Macau election results
Ballot Number and Associations Platforms Votes % Seats
7 United Citizens Association of Macau
(Associação dos Cidadãos Unidos de Macau) (澳門民聯協進會)
Gaming industry 17,014 12.00 2
10 New Union for Macau’s Development
(Nova União para Desenvolvimento de Macau) (澳門發展新連盟)
STDM 14,099 9.94 1
1 Macau-Guangdong Union
(União Macau-Guangdong) (澳粵同盟)
Pro-Business 10,348 7.30 1
5 Alliance for Change
(Aliança Pr'a Mudança) (改革創新同盟)
Public reform[1] 7,857 5.54 1
3 Union for the Progress and Development
(União Para o Progresso e Desenvolvimento) (同力建設聯盟)
Pro-Business 5,389 3.80 0
Pro-business 54,707 38.58 5
4 Prosperous Democratic Macao Association
(Associação de Próspero Macau Democrático) (民主昌澳門)
Pro-democracy 16,424 11.58 2
2 New Hope
(Nova Esperança) (新希望)
Civil servants 12,908 9.10 1
15 New Democratic Macau Association
(Associação de Novo Macau Democrático) (民主新澳門)
Pro-democracy 11,024 7.77 1
6 Civil Watch
(Observatório Cívico) (公民監察)
Pro-democracy 5,329 3.76 0
9 Activism for Democracy Association
(Associação de Activismo para a Democracia) (民主起動)
Radical pro-democracy 1,141 0.80 0
14 Plural Voices – Peoples of Macau
(Voz Plural - Gentes de Macau) (齊聲建澳門)
Multiculturalism 905 0.64 0
11 Democratic Society Alliance
(Aliança da Democracia de Sociedade) (社會民主陣線)
Labour rights[2] 256 0.18 0
Pro-democracy 47,987 33.83 4
12 Union for Development
(União Para O Desenvolvimento) (同心協進會)
Traditionalists (workers) 21,098 14.88 2
13 Union for Promoting Progress
(União Promotora Para o Progresso) (群力促進會)
Traditionalists (Kaifong) 14,044 9.90 1
16 Association for Helping the Community and Engagement with the People
(Associação de Apoio à Comunidade e Proximidade do Povo) (親民愛群協會)
Social issues (catholicism) 2,334 1.65 0
8 Social Justice Team
(Equipa de "Justiça Social") (社會公義)
Youth and social issues 1,627 1.15 0
Traditionalists 39,103 27.58 3
Functional constituencies and appointed members
Macau Business Interest Union
(União dos Interesses Empresariais de Macau) (澳門僱主利益聯會) for employers
Employees Association Joint Candidature Commission
(Comissão Conjunta da Candidatura das Associações de Empregados) (僱員團體聯合) for labour
Macau professional Interest Union
(União dos Interesses Profissionais de Macau) (澳門專業利益聯會) special interests
Excellent Culture and Sports Union Association
(Associação União Cultural e Desportiva Excelente) (優裕文康聯合會) charity, culture, education and sport
Members appointed by the Chief Executive 7
Total 141,797 100.00 29

Directly Elected Members


  • António Ng Kuok Cheong
  • Paul Chan Wai Chi
  • Au Kam San


  • Kwan Tsui Hang
  • Lee Chong Cheng


  • Chan Meng Kam
  • Ung Choi Kung


  • Angela Leong On Kei


  • Ho Ion Sang


  • José Pereira Coutinho


  • Mak Soi Kun


  • Melinda Chan Mei Yi

Indirectly Elected Members


  • Ho Iat Seng
  • Kou Hoi In
  • Cheang Chi Keong
  • Fong Chi Keong


  • Lau Cheok Va
  • Lam Heong Sang


  • Chui Sai Cheong
  • Leonel Alberto Alves

Care, culture, education and sport

  • Vitor Cheung Lup Kwan
  • Chan Chak Mo

Appointments by the CE

  • José Chui Sai Peng
  • Ho Sio Kam
  • Lau Veng Seng
  • Sio Chi Wai
  • Tong Io Cheng
  • Tsui Wai Kwan
  • Vong Hin Fai

Legislative Assembly Buildings

The Assembly sits at a special Legislative Assembly building, a modern three storey structure located in the Nam Van area. The press has reported that the Assembly shall be moving to a new building within the next few years.

From 1784 to 1999, the Assembly met at the Leal Senado Building.

Selection Methods

According to the Basic Law of Macau, the number of directly elected legislators has increased from 10 to 12 in 2005, bringing the to number of legislators to 29. After 2009, the selection of the Chief Executive may be changed by endorsement of the Legislative Assembly and approval by the National People's Congress (NPC) Standing Committee.

To change the method for forming the Legislative Assembly require a endorsement of the assembly, agreement by the Chief Executive, and notification to the NPC Standing Committee. Civic organizations in Macau are not well-developed. The ability of Macau residents to change their government is significantly restricted.ublic consultations in good time.

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