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The House of Representatives (Kamra tad-Deputati) is the unicameral legislature of Malta. Formally, the Parliament of Malta consists of the President of Malta and the House of Representatives.

The House currently has 69 members, elected for a five year term in thirteen five-seat electoral districts with a possibility of rewarding bonus members for the popular largest party which doesn't succeed in getting absolute majority of seats. The House is presided over by the Speaker of the House. The President of the Republic is elected for a five year term by the House. Malta uses single transferable vote to elect its MPs and local councillors. Even though transferrable preferences should help third parties since independence the Maltese electorate has consistently voted in two dominant political parties and effectively created a two party system.


Parliament Building

The Grandmaster's Palace in Valletta is currently housing the House of Representatives of Malta.

During the 11th Legislature since Independence, the renowned Italian architect Renzo Piano was commissioned to give a new look to the entrance of the de facto capital city Valletta.

The government's original proposal to build Parliament on the site of the former opera house site. This was shelved after the footprint was deemed too small. Instead the new Parliament building will be built in Freedom Square. The project is expected to start early in 2010 to be completed by the end of the current Parliamentary term, that is not later than 2013.[1]

Standing Committees

In 1995, as a result of a series of intensive discussions between the parliamentary groups and the Speaker of the House, the Standing Orders of the House were amended so as to set up a number of Parliamentary Committees. The objective was that of increasing efficiency in the conduct of parliamentary work as well as that of providing additional fora for the carrying out of Parliament's scrutiny functions.

The Standing Orders make provision for six Standing Committees:

  • Standing Committee on House Business
  • Standing Committee on Privileges
  • Standing Committee on Public Accounts
  • Standing Committee on Foreign and European Affairs
  • Standing Committee on Social Affairs
  • Standing Committee on Consideration of Bills

Latest elections

e • d Summary of the 8 March 2008 House of Representatives of Malta election results
Parties Votes % Change Seats Change
Nationalist Party (Partit Nazzjonalista) 143,468 49.34 –2.5 35 ±0
Malta Labour Party (Partit Laburista) 141,888 48.79 +0.8 34 +4
Democratic Alternative (Alternattiva Demokratika) 3,810 1.31 +0.6
National Action (Azzjoni Nazzjonali) 1,461 0.50 +0.0
Imperium Europa 84 0.03 +0.0
Gozitan Party (Partit Għawdxi) 37 0.01 +0.0
Independents (Indipendenti) 22 0.01 +0.0
Alpha Liberal Democrats (Alfa Liberali Demokratiku) 21 0.01 +0.0
Forward Malta (Forza Malta) 8 0.00 +0.0
Total (turnout 93.3%) 290,799 100.0 69 +4
Source: DOI

Current Members of 11th Legislature since independence


For the Government: Partit Nazzjonalista


Parliamentary Secretaries

  • Parliamentary Secretary for Tourism, The Environment and Culture - Mario de Marco
  • Parliamentary Secretary for Consumers, Fair Competition, Local Councils and Public Dialogue -Chris Said
  • Parliamentary Secretary for Youth and Sport - Clyde Puli
  • Parliamentary Secretary for Small business and Land - Jason Azzopardi
  • Parliamentary Secretary for the Elderly and Community Care - Mario Galea

Parliamentary Assistants

  • Franco Debono - Parliamentary Assistant in the Office of the Prime Minister / Chairman Select Committee on re-codification and consolidaton of laws
  • Frederick Azzopardi - Parliamentary Assistant in the Ministry of Gozo / Deputy Whip for the Government/ Deputy Chairman of Committees
  • Charlò Bonnici - Parliamentary Assistant in the Ministry of Infrastructure
  • Philip Mifsud - Parliamentary Assistant in the Ministry of Resources and Rural Affairs
  • Stephen Spiteri - Parliamentary Assistant in the Ministry of Education
  • Robert Arrigo - Parliamentary Assistant in The Ministry of Finance
  • Beppe Fenech Adami - Parliamentary Assistant in the Ministry of Home Affairs
  • Peter Micallef - Parliamentary Assistant in the Ministry of Health

Chairmen of Parliamentary Standing Committees

  • Francis Zammit Dimech - Chairman Consideration of Bills Standing Committee
  • Michael Frendo - Chairman Foreign and European Affairs Standing Committee
  • Edwin Vassallo - Chairman Social Affairs Standing Committee
  • Jean-Pierre Farrugia- Chairman Select Committee on medically assisted pro-creation

Heads of Delegations and Other Back Benchers

  • Ċensu Galea - Head of Delegation - Euro-Mediterranean Parliamentary Assembly
  • Louis Deguara - Head of Delegation - Parliamentary Delegation to OSCE
  • Jesmond Mugliett - Head of Delegation - Parliamentary Assembly of the Mediterranean
  • Frans Agius - Head of Delegation - Council of Europe
  • David Agius - Whip for the Government
  • Joseph Falzon - Deputy Whip for the Government
  • Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando
  • Ninu Zammit
  • Michael Gonzi

For the Opposition: Partit Laburista

  • Joseph Muscat - Leader of the Opposition
  • Carmelo Abela - Deputy Speaker and Shadow Minister for industry and foreign investment
  • Angelo Farrugia - Deputy Leader of the Opposition and Shadow Minister for work, workers rights and parliamentary affairs
  • Charles Mangion - Shadow Minister for Finance / Chairman Standing Committee on Public Accounts
  • Leo Brincat - Shadow Minister for Environment, Sustainable Development and Climate Change
  • Helena Dalli - Shadow Minister for Public Services and Public Investment
  • Michael Falzon - Shadow Minister for Local Security
  • Evarist Bartolo - Shadow Minister for Education and the Media
  • George Vella - Shadow Minister for Foreign Affairs
  • Karmenu Vella - Chairman Co-ordination Shadow Cabinet
  • Marie Louise Coleiro Preca - Shadow Minister for Tourism
  • Joe Debono Grech - Shadow Minister for Defence and harbours
  • Charles Buhagiar - Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Public Work
  • Joe Mizzi - Shadow Minister for Transport and Resources and Whip for the Opposition
  • Michael Farrugia - Shadow Minister for Social Policy
  • Gavin Gulia - Shadow Minister for the Economy and the self employed
  • Anton Refalo - Shadow Minister for Gozo
  • Chris Cardona - Shadow Minister for Competitivity, Communication and Technology
  • Anthony Zammit - Spokesman for Health
  • José A. Herrera - Shadow Minister for Justice
  • Stefan Buontempo - Shadow Minister for local government
  • Silvio Parnis - Shadow Minister for Consumer Protection
  • Joseph Mario Sammut - Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries
  • Adrian Vassallo - Spokesman for the rights of patients
  • Justyne Caruana - Spokesperson for family and equality
  • Noel Farrugia - Spokesman for International Development
  • Chris Agius - Spokesman for Sport
  • Roderick Galdes - Spokesman for Planning and Housing
  • Luciano Busuttil - Spokesman for European relationship
  • Marlene Pullicino - Spokesperson for Utilities
  • Gino Cauchi - Spokesman for Civil Society and minority group rights
  • Anthony Agius Decelis - Spokesman for Generational Solidarity
  • Owen Bonnici - Spokesman for Youths and Culture
  • Alfred Sant - Former Leader of Opposition


  • Labour MP Joseph Cuschieri resigned his parliamentary post to make way for the co-option of Labour leader Joseph Muscat.
  • Shadow Minister for Health Karl Chircop died on October 12, 2008[2]. His vacated seat was filled through a casual election won by Gino Cauchi.
  • John Dalli resigned his post as Minister for Social Policy in order to take up his new role as European Commissioner for Health and Social Policy on 9 February 2010. His vacated seat was filled through a casual election won by Peter Micallef.

Former Legislations of the Republic of Malta

  • 1st Legislation since Independence
  • 2nd Legislation since Independence
  • 3rd Legislation since Independence
  • 4th Legislation since Independence
  • 5th Legislation since Independence
  • 6th Legislation since Independence
  • 7th Legislation since Independence
  • 8th Legislation since Independence
  • 9th Legislation since Independence
  • 10th Legislation since Independence


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