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Parliament of the Czech Republic
Parlament České republiky
Type bicameral
Houses Senate
Chamber of Deputies
President of the Senate Přemysl Sobotka, ODS
since 15 December 2004
Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Miloslav Vlček, ČSSD
since 14 August 2006
Members 281
Last election Senate 24- 25 October 2008
Last election Chamber of Deputies 2- 3 June 2006
Meeting place
Chamber of Deputies
Czech Republic

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The Parliament of the Czech Republic (Czech: Parlament České republiky) is the legislative body of the Czech Republic, based in Prague.

Session room of the Chamber of Deputies

It consists of two chambers, both directly-elected:

The Parliament exercises competences usual in parliamentary systems: it holds and passes bills, has the right to modify the Constitution, ratifies international agreements; if necessary, it declares war, approves presence of foreign military forces in the Czech Republic or a dispatch of Czech military forces abroad. Both chambers also elects the President at a joint session.


The tradition of modern parliamentarianism in the Bohemian lands dates back to times of the Habsburg Empire (Austria, then Cisleithanian part of Austria-Hungary), where the Imperial Council (Reichsrat, Říšská rada) was created in 1861.
After proclamation of Czechoslovakia in 1918 its National Assembly undertook legislative duties both of the Imperial Council and State Diets (Bohemian, Moravian, Silesian).[1] In 1938-1939 and between 1945 and 1990 there existed a parliament within non-democratic regimes. As a consequence of federalization of Czechoslovakia (1968), national councils of Czech and Slovak parts of the country were created.

The Chamber of Deputies keeps continuity with the Czech National Council, while the Senate was established in 1996 (with reference to the First Czechoslovak Republic one).


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