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The Parliamentarian of the United States House of Representatives manages, supervises, and administers its Office of the Parliamentarian, which is responsible for advising presiding officers, Members, and staff on procedural questions under the U.S. Constitution, rule, and precedent, as well as for preparing, compiling, and publishing the precedents of the House.[1]

The Parliamentarian is appointed by the Speaker of the House of Representatives without regard to political affiliation and solely on the basis of fitness to perform the duties of the position.[2] Consultation with the Office is confidential (if requested).[3]

The Parliamentarian, or an assistant parliamentarian, usually sits or stands to the right of the Speaker or Speaker pro tempore (or the Chair of the Committee of the Whole House on the State of the Union, when the House has resolved into that forum) and advises that presiding officer how to respond to such things as parliamentary inquiries, points of order, and the ordinary workings of the procedures of the House.


The current Parliamentarian of the House is John V. Sullivan. He was appointed on May 20, 2004 (effective May 31, 2004).[4] He is the fourth Parliamentarian since the formal establishment of the office in 1928, succeeding Charles W. Johnson III (1994-2004), William Holmes Brown (1974-1994), and Lewis Deschler (1928-1974).[5]

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