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Parshuramer Kuthar

DVD cover for Parshuramer Kuthar.
Directed by Nabyendu Chatterjee
Starring Sreelekha Mukherji
Arun Mukhopadhyay
Ranajit Chakraborty
Release date(s) 1989
Country India India
Language Bengali

Parshuramer Kuthar (English: :The Avenger) is an award-winning 1989, Bengali film by Nabyendu Chatterjee.The lead actress, Sreelekha Mukherji, won the distinguished National Film Award for Best Actress for her role.



The film is about Lakkhi (Sreelekha Mukherji) a Bengali village woman whose husband fell from a roof while she was expecting her first baby, and has remained cripple ever since. She has lost her baby from the shock, and as a meagre compensation, is offered work as a wet-nurse in middle-class families where presumably women have other things to do than feed their children. Perhaps because of the social difference, she is in no position to resist the advances from the “gentlemen” who take advantage of her presence, and she soon finds herself caught in a system whereby if she wants to bring some cash home, and feed an ailing husband, she needs to continue to breast-feed. Naturally this can only be achieved if she delivers again, and so she does. But she has no children. One day, before important elections, alongside with a street-cleaning programme ,she is asked to leave town because she’s a prostitute. She then tries to meet the “gentlemen” who formerly used to be pleased with her in more than one way, but all of them reject her, now that the word “prostitute” has been pronounced publicly. She will end up a pensioner in the brothel and the last picture is that of one young man coming to look at her, a young man whom she had lovingly suckled when he was a baby.[1]


  • Sreelekha Mukherji as ... Lakkhi


The film has won the following awards since its release:

1990 National Film Awards (India)


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