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Partial anterior circulation infarct
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Circle of Willis. Anterior circulation represented by top half of diagram.
ICD-9 433.1

Partial Anterior Circulation Infarct (PACI) is a type of cerebral infarction affecting part of the anterior circulation supplying one side of the brain.

Partial Anterior Circulation Stroke Syndrome (PACS) refers to the symptoms of a patient who clinically appears to have suffered from a partial anterior circulation infarct, but who has not yet had any diagnostic imaging (e.g. CT Scan) to confirm the diagnosis.

It is diagnosed by any one of the following

  • 2 out of 3 features of
  • Higher dysfunction alone
  • Partial Motor or Sensory Defect

If all of the above symptoms are present, a Total Anterior Circulation Infarct is more likely.

For more information, see stroke.



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