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Partido da Imprensa Golpista (PiG) or Pro-coup Press Party is a term which became widely used among Brazilian websurfers since 2007 to characterize the Brazilian mainstream mass media. The term was popularized by the journalist Paulo Henrique Amorim in his blog[1]. Whenever he uses the term, Amorim writes it with a "i" in lowercase as a pun with the name of the web portal "iG".   where he was an articulist, before being abruptly dismissed on March 18, 2008, in an action which he describes as a process of "ideological cleansing".

The term gained notoriety when it was first employed in the Brazilian Congress on a speech by Pernambuco's Congressman Fernando Ferro, a member the Workers' Party, which ironically suggested that film director Arnaldo Jabor should be a good name to be elected the President of the PIG.[2].

Amorim's own explanation of the meaning of the expression appears whenever he mentions it in his articles and is: "In no serious democracy in the world, conservative, low-quality and even sensationalistic newspapers, and one single television network matter as much as they do in Brazil. They have become a political party - the PiG, Pro-coup Press Party". (Translated from: "Em nenhuma democracia séria do mundo, jornais conservadores, de baixa qualidade técnica e até sensacionalistas, e uma única rede de televisão têm a importância que têm no Brasil. Eles se transformaram num partido político – o PiG, Partido da Imprensa Golpista.")

Says Paulo Henrique Amorim that even politicians have become part of the PiG. The political parties are no longer an instrument of the coup but have become the coup in itself. With the discourse of [doing] objective journalism, they do not only do the job of a press that omits information; but do the job of a press that lies, distorts and deceits. Former President FHC was among the first politicians who realized that the political strength he needed could be found in the PIG, and thus nowadays he enjoys the image of being a prominent world leader.[3].

The term is also constantly used by journalists Luiz Carlos Azenha and Rodrigo Vianna on their blogs, which also helped to spread its popularity.[4][5][6][7]

Historical background

Paulo Henrique maintains that the mainstream Brazilian press historically defends coup d'états whenever the Brazilian President is not elected from among the members of Brazilian elites. The PIG, according to Amorim, had its origin with Carlos Lacerda, whom he maintains "helped to kill Getúlio Vargas; continued its struggle against democracy throughout the democraticaly elected governments of JK and João Goulart, when finally it openly defended and promoted the Brazilian military putsch of March 1964. It hammered Rio's governor Brizola throughout his two terms in office; and now conspires against Lula.[3]




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