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Pollywood (Urdu: پالېوډ) is the popular term for the film industry based in the city of Peshawar, the provincial capital of the North-West Frontier Province of Pakistan.


History of Pashto film

The first Pashto film, ‘Laila Majnoon’, was made in 1939.

2003 onwards

In early years between 2000-2003, Pashto films seemed to have lost their fans due to restrictions by the MMA government on their publicity through banners and posters of the film stars. The labourers who come to the provincial capital, Peshawar for manual jobs used to watch Pashto films in cinemas, but due to the ban the audience of the Pashto film has reduced tremendously because it usually comprises the working class who cannot even read the names of film stars.

Since 2003 Pashto films have changed its trend with new young generation of actors like Arbaz Khan, son of Legendary Film Star Asif Khan. His first Pashto film MEENA QURBANI GHUWARI became a huge hit in 2003. In 2004 there were few flops but average films were Niazbeen & Khybarey. ASHNAGHAREY did great business and made good profits for its distributors in Peshawar, Mardan & Swat district. In 2006 a new director Liaqat Ali Khan made a name for himself with a Super Hit film "SABAR SHA ZARGIYA" starring Arbaz Khan , Jehangir Khan , Ajab Gul & Asma. The songs of Sabar Sha Zargiya became very popular and the film was an instant hit the moment it hit the silver screens. Arbaz Khans cousin Yousaf Khan who is elder brother of Amir Khan did a Music Video on a song WALEY BAWAR NAKAWEY from film SABAR SHA ZARGIYA. Another film "LAG DEY ZRA NA TAPOS OKA became a good hit as well at the box office

In March 2007 Arbaz Khan took another curve in his film career when he started his first film direction called STA MOHABBAT ZAMA SAZA SHUWA. The story of this film was completely change & new to Pashto Film Industry. The cast of the film was Arbaz Khan, Jehangir Khan (Indian Army Major), Asif Khan(Pakistani Army Colonel), Shah Jehan, Dilbar Munir (son of Legendary Badar Munir), Sidra Noor, Meena Naz. Arbaz Khan also introduced his young 23 years old cousin Amir Khan in this film who played younger brother of Jehangir Khan. Amir Khan made a name for himself in the Industry through his good acting & powerful deep voice like his uncle Asif Khan. The film became a super duper hit on box office with its new story & catchy songs from popular singers Nazia Iqbal & Anwar Khayaal. Arbaz Khan also directed his 2nd film Zre Mey Ta Oray Dey but it hasn't been successful as STA MOHABBAT ZAMA SAZA SHUWA. Liaqat Ali Khan's film TIGER is doing good business currently, the film was shot in beautiful locations of Dubai. For Eid ul Azha few more Pashto films are being released in which Arbaz Khan is starring in Liaqat Ali Khan's STA DEY MEENAY LEWANEY YUM and director Naseem Khan's HAQEEQAT.

Here are some of the Trailers of recent Pashto Films






Pashto hits

  1. ‘Yousaf Khan Sher Bano’ was made in 1969 and released in 1970. It was written by Ali Hyder Joshi and directed by Aziz Shamim.
  2. ‘Sandar Gharai’ (Singer) was released in 1970. Badar Munir was the hero and Yasmin Khan was the heroine of the movie, whereas Niamat Sarahadi was the villain.
  3. ‘Kala Khazan Kala Bahar’ (meaning some times autumn some times spring) was directed by Jamil Ahmad and produced by Syed Amir Sarhadi in 1970. The hero of the film was Aman.
  4. ‘Aalaqa Ghair’ (means land of no law) was made (produced) by Habibullah in 1971. Dialogues and poetry was made by Amir Hamza Shinwari.

Similarly ‘Darrae Khyber’, ‘Adam Khan Durkhanai’ (produced by Shakil Ayub and directed by Aziz Tabassum), ‘Musa Khan Gul Makai’ (hero was Asif khan and heroine was Yasmin Khan), ‘Bahadur Khan’ (hero was Humayun Qureshi), ‘Ajab Khan Afridi’, ‘Zama Badan’, ‘Maghrur’, ‘Oarbal’, ‘Topak Zama Qanoon’ (produced by Aziz Tabassum), ‘Dahqan’ (directed by the Legendary pushto film director Muhammad yousaf bhatti.they gavE us the big change in history of the pushto films in the Pakistan.his another big block busters SHPUNKEY,DORAHA,BEY QASOOR,NEEMGRAY DUNYA,CHAGHA,NEHLEY PEY DEHLA,COCHOAN ANY MENY MOR BID HITS produced by Badar Munir), ‘Baghi’, ‘Arman’, ‘Miranae Roar’ (step brother), ‘Tarbooz’, ‘Iqrar’, ‘Angar’, ‘Zakhmoona, ‘Navae au Nakriza’(Bridal and Henna), ‘Ujrati Qatil’, ‘Da Aoochea Khan’, ‘Prdang’, ‘Toofani Shappa’, ‘Bangri au Hathqardae’, ‘Ab-e-Hyat’, ‘Khulea Nave’, ‘Kufar au Islam’, ‘Da Karye Gorilla’ and many more are the Pashto hits form 1970-71 to 1985.

Future of Pashto Film Industry

Future of the Pashto film industry seems to be bright as there are still some people who want to do something for the betterment of the industry. For instance, Ajab Gul, who is a renowned actor and director in both the Urdu and the Pashto film industry. In 1999 he made a film, ‘Srre Sttergae’(red eyes) and through this film he proved that still there is a great potential in Pashto films as the story for the first time after many years was quite different and the cast, especially the heroine(s) were new and seemed that after a great hard work the film was completed. A few months back, another Pashto film, ‘Qalam au Kalashnikov’, written by Faiz Mohammad released. The standard was quite good and people liked the movie. This is to correct the record pertaining the pashto film Kala khazan kala bahar ,its hero was Hmayun qureshi and Not Aman.

Pollywood on Worldwide

Call to screen Pashto films in Afghanisan demanded The Frontier Post PESHAWAR (PPI): Pashto films producers and directors on Tuesday demanded of the federal government to making arrangements of launching Pashto films in Afghanistan and Dubai, which they claimed would help to revive film industry. “Pashto films, which compared to Punjabi and Urdu production in 2006, have been successful on the box office and it gave maximum business to the Pakistan Film Industry however because of the limited circuit, producers are avoiding talking risk to maximize its budget” Pashto film producer and actor Asif Khan, Arbaz Khan and film maker Hajji Nadir told a joint news conference at Peshawar Press Club. Pashto films, they said were the only productions in 2006 that remained hit on box office and encouraged the producers to invest more in film making however government should take step to open Afghanistan and Dubai markets for releasing Pashto films, which could a give boost to ‘sinking business’ of the film making in Pakistan. On the eve of Eidul Azha, four Pashto, four Punjabi films and some Urdu films were released however except Pashto films, Punjabi and Urdu remained dead flop on the box office, film producers Asif Khan remarked saying if provincial government helped them with equipments and other facilities they would produce Pashto films inside the provincial capital and not go to Lahore for it. Asif Khan, who has been most successful Pashto actor, announced to re-functionalize his Production Company, CWI Production, incase his new Pashto film gained success on the circuit. “I am welling to re-start my CWI Production after 20 years if our new Pashto film “Sta Muhabat Zama Saza Shwa” attracts viewers’ attention. Arbaz Khan, who would be directing the film for the first time, said “Sta Muhabat Zama Saza Shwa’ would be new changes in Pashto film making and new face naming Amir Khan; a UK returned young man would be introduced in the film under his direction. Arbaz claimed that new Pashto films, despite its lowest budget are doing fine on the box office as except Majajen, neither Punjabi nor Urdu film competed Pashto films in business. “We need government patronage to produce films like Urbal, Didan and Dara-e-Khyber, the most hit movies of the past as government is paying nothing to film industry in return of 63% revenue Pakistan government generating of film business” he added. To a question he said co-production with India is not bad however it should be on parity basis and like Pakistani artists, Indian actors should work in Pakistani films. “I am not in favor of degrading our selves by acting in Indian films just as guest actors” he observed.

News of Pollywood

Shahid Khan & Arbaz Khan together for first time! Two super stars from Pashto movies – Shahid Khan and Arbaz Khan are together for first time in producer Tanvir Khans Pashto film Shah Zalmi De Pukhtunkhwa, written by Nasir Adeeb.

Pashto Film Actors

  • Abid Gumryane
  • Ajab Gul
  • Ali Muslim
  • Ali Tahir new face in Pollywood
  • Amir Khan new face in Pollywood , from England
  • Arbaaz Khan
  • Aryan Khan
  • Asif Khan
  • Babra Raj
  • Badar Munir
  • Dilbar Munir
  • Imran Khan
  • Jangreez
  • Jehangir Khan
  • Kaleem Shah
  • Naemat Sarhadi
  • Saeed Munir new face in Pollywood
  • Shah Jehan (Shah Jee)
  • Shahid Khan
  • Sher Zaman new face in Pollywood
  • Siddiq Khan Khattak new face in Pollywood , from USA
  • Taimur Shah new face in Pollywood
  • Tariq Shah
  • Umar Khan new face in Pollywood , from England

Pashto Film Actresses

  • Alisha
  • Asima
  • Asma
  • Jabina Khan LATE, died in 1999
  • Karishma
  • Najeeba Faiz
  • Maria new face in Pashto Films
  • Meena Naz new face in Pashto Films
  • Nazia Hafiz
  • Nazo, todays busiest actress
  • Rania Nooh new face Pollywood , from USA
  • Shabina Khan
  • babra raj
  • Sunita Khan, popular for exposing
  • Saima
  • Musarrat Shaheen, queen of pashto film history
  • Mussaarati
  • Saba Shaheen
  • Shabnum Chaudry
  • Shaheen
  • Kashish
  • Shahnaz
  • Sidra Noor
  • Yasmin Khan, famous for acting

Pashto Film directors

  Rahim Gul ( Late)
  nasim from Germany



  Rahim Gul Late

Music Directors

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