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Mugshot of Lucchese crime family soldier Patrick 'Patty' Testa.

Patrick 'Patty' Testa (March 11, 1957 – December 2, 1992) was a New York gangster who belonged to the violent DeMeo crew of the Gambino crime family before transferring to the Lucchese Family. He was the brother of imprisoned-for-life Gambino mobster Joseph "Joey" Testa and New York Police Department police officer Salvatore Testa.



In the early 1970s, Testa and Joe joined Roy DeMeo's crew, which specialized in stolen cars. The crew was also blamed for between 75 to 200 murders, but none were ever linked to Testa. In the early 1980s, Testa was indicted on charges of transporting stolen vehicles across state lines. He pleaded guilty and received only one year in prison during to his youth.

In 1984, Testa and other members of the DeMeo crew were indicted on Federal racketeering charges. In 1985, Patrick entered a guilty plea prior to trial and went to prison for two years. In 1987, after his release, Patrick joined the Lucchese Family. Serving in a crew headed by the fierce reputed Consigliere, Frank "Big Frank" Lastorino, Patrick was close to many members of the crime family's hierarchy; he often ferried messages between them while they were fugitives. Patrick later served as a courier for imprisoned Lucchese boss Vittorio "Vic" Amuso.


On December 2, 1992, Patrick Testa was in the garage of his used car lot in Brooklyn when a gunman approached him and fired into his head and back multiple times, killing him. There are multiple theories as to why he was murdered, authorities believed at the time that Testa was murdered by the Gambino crime family in retaliation for a car bombing engineered by the Lucchese leadership that killed Gambino family member Frank DeCicco, however, Testa's superiour Frank "Big Frank" Lastorino was mainly suspected of having committed the murder on the orders of the family Underboss, Anthony "Gaspipe" Casso, in an attempt to split up the relations between the Lucchese and Gambino crime families. This theory lacks credibility however as even though Patrick's brother Joey was with the Gambino's he was only ever an associate and since he is currently serving life without parole is no longer a player in the Gambino family and stolen car rings. Patrick was never a made man either and even though he was close to several ranking members of the Lucchese family he was not a major figure in the family. Frank Lastorino, nor has anyone, been convicted for Testa's murder and the real reason for his death is unlikely to ever be known.



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