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A patriot is someone whom feels or voices expressions of patriotism, support for their country.

Patriot or Patriots may also refer to:


  • Patriot (American Revolution) those who supported the cause of American independence in the American Revolution
  • USA PATRIOT Act, an act of federal legislation in the United States passed in response to the attacks of September 11
  • Patriots (faction), a Dutch group that was opposed to the Orangists in the United Provinces in the 18th century
  • Parti patriote, a political party for Quebec nationalism in the early 19th century
  • Patriote movement, those who supported independence for what is now Québec, Canada, during the Lower Canada Rebellion
  • Christian Patriot movement, a far-right Christian conservative movement in the United States
  • Patriot Party, various political parties


  • Patriot War of 1837–1838, a campaign in eastern Michigan in the United States and in the Windsor, Ontario area of Canada
  • MIM-104 Patriot, a surface-to-air missile system (SAM)
  • USS Patriot (MCM-7), a U.S. Navy mine countermeasures ship
  • Patriot, a fictional assault pistol with anomalous properties used in the video game Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater





  • New England Patriots, an American football team of the National Football League, based in Foxborough, Massachusetts.
  • El Paso Patriots, a soccer team of the USL Premier Development League, based in El Paso, Texas
  • Fayetteville Patriots, a defunct basketball team of the National Basketball Development League team, based in Fayetteville, North Carolina
  • Ozark Patriots, a baseball team based in Ozark, Alabama
  • Somerset Patriots, a minor league baseball team based in Bridgewater, New Jersey
  • George Mason Patriots, the name given to the athletics teams from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia



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The Patriot
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The Patriot may refer to:

  • The Patriot, a poem by Robert Browning
  • The Patriot, a political pamphlet by Samuel Johnson
  • The Patriot, a poem by Walter Savage Landor


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Patriot (plural Patriots)

  1. A US surface-to-air missile system.
  2. (informal) An individual Patriot missile



Patriot m. (genitive Patrioten, plural Patrioten)

  1. patriot

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