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Paul Devereux is an author, researcher, lecturer, broadcaster, artist and photographer based in the Cotswolds, England. Devereux is a Research Fellow with the International Consciousness Research Laboratories (ICRL) group at Princeton University.

His work primarily deals with archaeological themes and ancient lifeways, ecopsychology, ley lines, geomancy, unusual geophysical phenomena, and consciousness studies, spanning the range from academic to popular.

He has written or co-written 25 books since 1979, and has also written a range of peer-reviewed academic papers.



Having witnessed a UFO that could not initially be explained, Mr Devereux has dedicated his life to research.

"It bugged the hell out of me, almost gave me a mental breakdown. I couldn't make it fit into the everyday mundane world view."[1]

Devereux draws on the work of controversial Canadian academic Michael Persinger and believes many unresolved UFO sightings can be explained by "earthlights", clouds of plasma being charged by strong electromagnetic fields occurring in areas of seismic activity which he explores in his book, Haunted Land.

Dragon Trust

Besides research and writing, Devereux also directs the Dragon Project Trust, which in the past used scientific measuring instruments to discover whether sacred places are the sites of actual physical anomalies. The project also conducts research with the services of dowsers, diviners and mystics, to discover if a site has "unusual energies". It also runs an ancient sites dreamwork project.[2]

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