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Elevation 2,700 feet (823 m)
Location Panchmahal, India
Coordinates 22°28′00″N 73°30′02″E / 22.46672°N 73.50048°E / 22.46672; 73.50048Coordinates: 22°28′00″N 73°30′02″E / 22.46672°N 73.50048°E / 22.46672; 73.50048

Pavagadh is a Hill Station, and a Municipalityin the Panchmahal district about 46 kilometres (29 mi) away from Vadodara, Gujarat, India. It is home to a famous Mahakali temple which draws thousands of pilgrims everyday.

Area of this locality Champaner-Pavagadh Archaeological Park has been inscripted by UNESCO as World Heritage in 2004.[1]



It is said that the Rajput king Vanraj Chavda established Champaner at the foot of Pavagadh in fond memory of his wise minister Champa. Later, the Patai Raval family ruled it and took care of the boundary. The folk tales say that Mahakali assumed the form of a woman and danced in a Garba during Navaratri. The last Patai, Jaisinh watched her with dirty looks. The deity became angry at Jaisinh and cursed him. As a result, the Muslim emperor of Gujarat, Mahmud Begada assaulted Pavagadh and won the hill on the boundary.

Patai was defeated and killed. Mahmud Begada shifted his capital from Ahmedabad to Champaner for some time for reasons of diplomacy. He developed the town by constructing buildings such as the fort of Champaner, Uohra mosque, Mandavi, Kirtistambh, the temple of Shalkh, Jama Masjid, Nagina Mosque and Kevda Mosque. The remains of the Palace of Begada are still found near Vad Talav (Banyan Pond) two kilometers (1.25 miles) away from Champaner.


Pavagadh is the gateway to Panchmahal. It is a tribal area populated predominantly by the Bhils. The government has granted many concessions and offered subsidies to the new industries coming up in this area. As a result of it, Halol and Kalol towns near Pavagadh have turned into virtual industrial estates. The locations of hilly areas around Halol provide good scenery. A film studio at Halol has this added advantage. On the eastern side, the Rangpur Ashram run by Mr. Hari Parikh works towards the upliftment of the local tribals.

Baiju Bawra

The great music maestro of 16th century, and Tansen's contemporary rival, Baiju Bawra belonged to Champaner.

Places of interest

  • Pavagadh has total height of 822 meters and you can find many scenic trails to climb including waterfalls during monsoon time.
  • The plateau at an altitude of 490 meters is known as Machi Haveli. The remains of the Raval Palace still exist at Machi. There are rest houses, holiday homes and small hotels at Machi. The bus service has been extended up to Machi.
  • Then comes Teliya Talav and Dudhia Talav.
  • The temple of Kali is at the height of 550 metres (1,523 feet). Nowadays the rope-way facility has been made available to the tourists to reach the temple. About 250 steps have to be climbed from there.
  • A little above the Kali Temple there is Sadanshah Pir Dargah. There are numerous tales, songs and dramas knitting the story of Patai Raval.

Ropeway Accident

On Sunday, January 19, 2003, two ropeway cars carrying pilgrims and tourists to Pavagadh crashed to the ground killing seven people and injuring 45. The ropeway car's collapsed when the ropeway's pulley came off after the cars hit against a beam.[2][3]


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