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Coordinates: 42°11′28″N 24°20′10″E / 42.19111°N 24.33611°E / 42.19111; 24.33611Pazardzhik municipality (Bulgarian: Община Пазарджик) is the second largest municipality in Pazardzhik Province, after Velingrad. It occupies 640 km² or 14,3% of the province. Its territory encompasses the western-most parts of the Upper Thracian Plain and is famous for its fertility. The population of 134,295 lives in 32 settlements which include one town (Pazardzhik) and 31 villages.

Villages in the municipality:

1.Aleko Konstantinovo 2.Apriltsi 3.Bratanitsa 4.Chernogorovo 5.Crancha 6.Debrushtitsa 7.Dobrovnitsa 8.Dragor 9.Gelemenovo 10.Glavinitsa 11.Govedare 12.Hadzhievo 13.Ivailo 14.Krali Marko 15.Lyanovo 16.Malo Konare 17.Miryantsi 18.Mokrishte 19.Ognyanovo 20.Ovchepoltsi 21.Patalenitsa 22.Pishtigovo 23.Rosen 24.Saraya 25.Sbor 26.Sinitovo 27.Topoli Dol 28.Tsar Asen 29.Velichkovo 30.Yunatsite 31.Zvanichevo


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