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Aims and Objectives of the project

This project is a collaboration of students. The project is designed to demonstrate the extent to which online collaboration gives voice to previously unheard voices.

Introduction to Peace Studies and Research in Africa

What is the focus of Peace Studies in Africa?

While studying Peace in Africa, we should focus on the realities both traditional and post-modern of African land. The way African people relate and solve their conflictual issues is different from other people world wide. With regard to the genocide that happened in Rwanda in 1994, we may not be right to assume that we may use any methods from Europe or Asia while solving the interpersonal problems and use them to reconcile Rwandans conflict analysis training course In this regard, Peace in Africa is argued to be brought about by the protection by the military, solving inter-tribal misunderstanding and build coalition programs.

However, in this page, I argue that the people local citizens themselves have the power and privileges to bring about peace in their local areas especially in the Sub-Saharan Africa.

We shall look at it in more details in the upcoming days.

Posted by Nelson Juve Mugarura, Peace Scientist in Africa-- The researcher works on human rights and peace building in Africa and has authored The Impact of World Vision on Education of Child protection rights in Rwanda 2000-2005

Learning Materials

What learning materials are used to study peace in Africa?

Reading Lists

What texts would you read when studying peace in Africa?


What are some of the activities (inside and outside the classroom) that support learning about peace in Africa?


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