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"Peace through Strength" is the doctrine that military strength is a primary or necessary component of peace. It is the opposite of a policy of appeasement.

This doctrine is a major justification cited for large militaries, and also served as the primary motivation behind the Cold War doctrine of mutually assured destruction. According to author Paul Peachey, it is the essence of Vegetius's maxim si vis pacem, para bellum (if you want peace, prepare for war).[1]

Ronald Reagan used the phrase in political campaigning during his election challenge against Jimmy Carter, accusing the incumbent of weak, vaciliating leadership that invited enemies to attack the US and her allies.[2] Reagan later considered it one of the mainstays of his foreign policy as United States President.[3] Since Reagan's presidency, the non-profit American Security Council Foundation has sought to influence United States foreign policy by promoting the peace through strength doctrine.[4]

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