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Peasants' War
Part of the French Revolutionary Wars
Date 12 October 1798 – 5 December 1798
Location Southern Netherlands (modern Flanders, Luxembourg, and part of Germany)
Result French victory
France French First Republic Luxembourg Luxembourgish Local peasants

Flanders Flemish Local peasants

Pieter Corbeels
Casualties and losses
in Flanders circa 15,000 dead and in Luxembourg 200–300[1]

The Peasants' War (Luxembourgish: Klëppelkrich, French: Guerre des Paysans, German: Klöppelkrieg, Dutch: Boerenkrijg) was a peasant revolt in 1798 against the French occupation of the Southern Netherlands, including modern Belgium, Luxembourg, and parts of Germany, during the French Revolutionary Wars.

The revolt was sparked off by the introduction of conscription for all men aged between 20 and 25 years old in Luxembourg, in late September 1798,[2] and quickly spread, enveloping most of the West Eifel.[3] For the most part, the revolt was restricted to the peasantry, hence its name, and the revolutionary impulse barely spread to the middle classes, for whom the spirit of anti-clericalism and modernisation that the French Revolution brought were advantageous.[3]

Bereft of organisation and military training, and without the backing of the middle classes, the insurgency was quickly put down by the French occupiers.[3] In retribution for the revolt, 94 insurgents were tried, of whom 42 were sentenced to death.[4]


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