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Peke-a-tese puppy.JPG
A white Peke-a-tese Puppy
Breeds Maltese, Pekingese
Other names Pekatese, Pekeatese

The Peke-a-tese is small domestic dog that is a designer or cross breed dog. Peke-a-tese are a cross between a Maltese and a Pekingese. The term Peke-a-tese is a portmanteau, as it is a combination of the name Pekingese and Maltese. As with all cross breed dogs, Peke-a-tese will take traits from both of their ancestral breeds.



Both Pekingese and Maltese dogs are members of the toy breed group, which means that they are very small dogs. You can expect a peke-a-tese to be in the range of 6-12 pounds. Pekingese are known for having a flat nose and many Peke-a-tese also have a flat nose, but some have more of a Maltese appearance in that their nose is not as flat. Pekingese are a very sturdy and muscular dog and are built lower to the ground with shorter legs. This trait makes Peke-a-tese very good pets for children, as they can handle the accidental abuse that may come from being around small children.


The temperament of a peke-a-tese will be some combination of the temperaments of the Pekingese and Maltese. Pekingese are very dignified dogs that have their origins in Chinese royalty. They are also very intelligent dogs. This combines for a good natured, opinionated and affectionate dog[1]. The Maltese on the other hand is a very brave, trustworthy and affectionate dog. Maltese are very lively and playfully vigorous, but one of the most gentle mannered of all dog breeds[2]. This makes the Maltese a perfect breed for families and children. You can expect a Peke-a-tese to have a combination of these traits. However, the temperament of any dog will also be affected by the temperament of their parents and the environment that they were raised in, which is probably the most important factor in a dog's temperament. The best way to determine the temperament of any dog is to spend time with it.

Right Breed for You?

Since Peke-a-tese are smaller dogs, bred from toy group dogs, they are much easier to travel with than larger dogs. As mentioned above, Peke-a-tese are sturdy for their size, which makes them well suited to be family pets or pets of small children. As a smaller dog, Peke-a-tese require limited exercise, but they do enjoy walks. Peke-a-tese are well suited as apartment dogs because of their small size. Peke-a-tese are gentle mannered and very trustworthy and protective after you have earned their trust[3]. Peke-a-tese can have a long coat and therefore may require weekly grooming and trimming.




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