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Spanish pendant at Victoria and Albert Museum.

A pendant (from Old French) is a hanging object, generally attached to a necklace or an earring. In modern French this is a the gerund form of “hanging” (also meaning “during”). Pendants can have several functions:

These purposes can be combined (i.e. a richly jewelled symbol).

Other meanings

  • A teach pendant is a portable control device used in industrial robotics.
  • A cable pendant is one of a series of cables that is horizontally suspended across a flight deck of aircraft carriers for aircraft to land by catching with tailhook.
  • A nautical pendant is a length of cable or rope, usually of a short length, that has eyes or fittings, or both, at the ends for attachment to vessels and bollards or buoys.
  • A pendant is a common item used in hypnosis.
  • Pendants is a type of Jewelry are often equipped with precious or semi precious stones. In ancient times kings and queens used to embrace there personality with multi stone Pendants studded in Gold, Silver and Bronze.

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PENDANT (through Fr. from Lat. pendere, to hang), any hanging object, such as a jewel or other ornament hanging from a brooch, bracelet, &c., or the loose end of a knight's belt left hanging after passing through the buckle, and terminating in an ornamental end. In architecture the word is applied to an elongated boss, either moulded or foliated, such as hangs down from the intersection of ribs, especially in fan tracery, or at the end of hammer beams. Sometimes long corbels, under the wall pieces, have been so called. The name has also been given to the large masses depending from enriched ceilings, in the later works of the Pointed style. "Pendants" or "Pendent posts" are those timbers which are carried down the side of the wall from the plate, and receive the hammer braces.

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Pendant n. (genitive Pendants, plural Pendants)

  1. counterpart


Simple English

A pendant is an object that usually hangs from a necklace.


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