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Faropenem, a penem. Note sulfur and double bond in ring.
Benzylpenicillin, a penam. Note the absence of the double bond in the ring.
Imipenem, a carbapenem. Although imipenem has a sulfur, the sulfur is not in the ring.

A penem is a type of beta-lactam.

An example is faropenem.[1]

Penems are similar in structure to carbapenems. However, where penems have a sulfur, carbapenems have another carbon.[2]

There are no naturally occurring penems; all of them are synthetically made.


Further reading

  • Sasaki A, Goda K, Enomoto M, Sunagawa M (May 1992). "Synthetic studies of carbapenem and penem antibiotics. II. Synthesis of 3-acetyl-2-azetidinones by (2 + 2) cycloaddition of diketene and Schiff bases". Chemical & pharmaceutical bulletin 40 (5): 1094–7. PMID 1394625.  


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