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The Pennsylvania Treasurer is the head of the Pennsylvania Department of the Treasury, which is the custodian of virtually all the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's funds.

Robert McCord was elected Treasurer in the November 2008 general election and took office in January 2009.


List of Pennsylvania Treasurers

Name Term Party
Samuel Carpenter 4 June 1704–1710, 1711–1713
David Rittenhouse 1777–1789
Christian Febiger 1789–1797
Peter Baynton 1797–1801
Jacob Carpenter 1801–1802
Isaac Weaver 1802–1807
William Findlay 1807–1817
R. M. Crain 1817–1820
John B. Trevor 1820–1821
William Clark 1821–1827
Alexander Mahon 1827–1835
Joseph Lawrence 1835–1836
Daniel Sturgeon 1836–1840
Almon H. Reed 1840–1841
John Gilmore 1841–1842
Job Mann 1842–1845
James Ross Snowden 1845–1847
John Banks 1847–1848
Arnold Plumber 1848–1849
Gideon J. Ball 1849–1850
John M. Bickel 1850–1854
Joseph Bailey 1854–1855 Democratic
Eli Slifer 1855–1856
Henry S. Magraw 1856–1859
Eli Slifer 1859–1861
Henry D. Moore 1861–1863 Republican
William V. McGrath 1863–1864
Henry D. Moore 1864–1865 Republican
William H. Kemble 1865–1868
W. W. Irwin 1868–1869
Robert W. Mackey 1869–1870
W. W. Irwin 1870–1871
Robert W. Mackey 1871–1876
Henry Rawle 1876–1878
Amos C. Noyes 1878–1880
Samuel Butler 1880–1882
Silas M. Bailey 1882–1884
William Livsey 1884–1886
Matthew Quay 1886–1887 Republican
William Livsey 1887–1888
William B. Hart 1888–1889
William Livsey 1889–1890
Henry K. Boyer 1890–1892
John W. Morrison 1892–1894
Samuel M. Jackson 1894–1896
Benjamin J. Haywood 1896–1898
James S. Beacom 1898–1900 Republican
James E. Barnett 1900–1902
Frank G. Harris 1902–1904
William L. Mathues 1904–1906 Republican
William H. Berry 1906–1908 Democratic
John O. Sheatz 1908–1911 Republican
Charles Frederick Wright 1911–1913 Republican
Robert K. Young 1913–1917 Republican
Harmon M. Kephart 1917–1921 Republican
Charles A. Snyder 1921–1925 Republican
Samuel S. Lewis 1925–1929 Republican
Edward Martin 1929–1933 Republican
Charles A. Waters 1933–1937 Republican
F. Clair Ross 1937–1941 Democratic
G. Harold Wagner 1941–1945 Republican
Ramsey S. Black 1945–1949 Democratic
Charles R. Barber 1949–1953 Republican
Weldon B. Heyburn 1953–1957 Republican
Robert F. Kent 1957–1961 Republican
Grace M. Sloan 1961–1965 Democratic
Thomas Z. Minehart 1965–1969 Democratic
Grace M. Sloan 1969–1977 Democratic
Robert E. Casey 1977–1981 Democratic
R. Budd Dwyer 1981–1987 Republican
G. Davis Greene, Jr. 1987–1989 Democratic
Catherine Baker Knoll 1989–1997 Democratic
Barbara Hafer 1997–2005 Republican
Bob Casey, Jr. 2005–2007 Democratic
Robin L. Wiessmann 2007–2009 Democratic
Robert McCord 2009–present Democratic

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