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Penny is Inspector Gadget's niece, she has blonde hair worn in pigtails and green eyes, wears a red and white shirt, green pants and red shoes. Compared to her obtuse Uncle, Penny is a master amateur detective and technology expert who always solves the cases her Uncle is assigned. Gadget, her uncle appears to be her legal guardian, and her parents are never mentioned.

Penny has a few gadgets that she uses to help her uncle. She has a computer book which assists her in looking up information and overriding electronic (and occasionally even mechanical) devices, and a wristwatch with a laser beam, communicator, which she uses to call Brain and Chief Quimby, and Gadget.

Penny often carries a tote bag and inside it carries her computer book. In episode "Luck of the Irish" Penny carries a backpack, instead of a tote bag. Usually, she doesn't have a tote bag or backpack.

While Gadget is on duty, Penny sends Brain to keep an eye on him while she tries to solve the crime. Penny usually investigates the clues and discovers the M.A.D. plan. Penny very often solves the cases while using her computer book or changing the thing which M.A.D is going to steal into a fake. Furthermore, she is able to accomplish these tasks so subtly that not even the criminal mastermind, Doctor Claw, is aware she is the actual continual threat to his plans.


Penny's outfits

Penny has a lot of outfits and wears them for some of the assignments or free times rather than her original clothes:

  • Winter Sweater - Winter Olympics (a.k.a. Gadget in Winterland); Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas,
  • Sweater - All That Glitters,
  • Princess Dress - Movie Set,
  • Red Bikini - Volcano Island; Unhenged,
  • Western Dress - Gadget Goes West,
  • Climbing Outfit - The Coo Coo Clock Caper,
  • Arabian Dress - Arabian Nights,
  • Track Suit - The Great Divide,
  • Yellow Coat - Gone Went the Wind,
  • Pink Malaysia Dress - No Flies on Us,
  • Green Malaysia Dress - No Flies on Us,
  • White Nightgown - Luck of the Irish,
  • Blue Nightgown - A Bad Altitude,
  • Diving Suit - A Bad Altitude,
  • Purple Coat - Weather in Tibet; Snakin' All Over,
  • Blue Bikini - School for Pickpockets,
  • Blue/Yellow Jacket - Magic Gadget; The Capeman Cometh; Gadget's Gadgets; Gadget and the Old Lace,
  • Old Lady Dress - Wambini Predicts,
  • Red Jacket - Wambini Predicts; Crashcourse in Crime; Focus on Gadget; Gadget's Roma; Gadget and the Red Rose,
  • Pajamas - The Capeman Cometh; Bad Dreams Are Made of This,
  • Pink Jacket - Gadget in Minimadness; Busy Signal; Bad Dreams Are Made of This; Tyrannosaurus Gadget; Gadget's Clean Sweep,
  • Space Suit - Focus on Gadget; M.A.D. in the Moon,
  • Roman Dress - Gadget's Roma,
  • Vest - Gadget Meets the Clan,
  • Brown Coat - Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas.

Penny's perils

Penny has often a lot of perils and plays a damsel-in-distress role, just like Daphne Blake from Scooby-Doo, April O'Neil from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Penelope Pitstop from The Perils of Penelope Pitstop. She's usually rescued by Brain, sometimes escaping by herself. Penny sometimes falls into a different peril than capture.


Season 1

  • Winter Olympics (a.k.a. Gadget in Winterland) - Penny, Gadget and Brain are on the M.A.D. gondola which turns out to be a trap. Dr. Claw puts a button on his computer to open the gondola's floor, causing Penny, Gadget and Brain to fall. Gadget activates his arms to grab the rocks and survive.
  • Health Spa - Penny is snooping around the M.A.D. health spa, but she's hand gagged from behind and captured. Penny is then locked in the basement and Brain rescues her.
  • The Boat - Penny is snooping around the cruise ship which is infiltrated by M.A.D. to steal the passengers' jewels, but she's caught and locked in a cage downstairs the ship. Penny calls Brain to get Gadget there. After a surprise arrival of Gadget and Brain, they and Penny are tied up and Dr. Claw tries to drown Gadget. Penny and Brain break free and go save Gadget.
  • Haunted Castle - Penny discovers the secret passage in the castle's basement, but she's kidnapped and trapped at the dungeons. Gadget and Brain free her, but Dr. Claw burns the dungeons to eliminate them. Penny, Gadget and Brain manage to escape. Dr. Claw separates Penny and Gadget from Brain and sends them to a spine trap. Soon, the walls with the spines move. Gadget tries to stop the walls and Penny sees a switch. Brain rescues Penny and Gadget.
  • Race to the Finish - Penny is snooping around the M.A.D. garage, but she's locked and gassed. Chased by Gadget, Brain enters to the garage and finds Penny unconscious. He opens the door top give her some air just as Gadget was trying to use his hammer to crash the door. Gadget is then stuck in the wall. Penny wakes up and she and Brain help Gadget get out of the wall.
  • The Ruby - Penny replaces the ruby with the fake to destroy the laser which is used to destroy the satellites. The fake ruby causes the lab explode. Penny drops the ruby and jumps out of the window.
  • A Star is Lost - Penny is snooping around the M.A.D. recording studio, but she's hand gagged from behind and captured. Brain rescues Penny. Penny finds Rick Rocker, but they're hypnotized by M.A.D. mind-controlling record. Gadget is hypnotized too, but breaks the spell by falling into the record. While trying to escape, Penny, Gadget and Rick are tied up and gagged by the tapes and are sent to the record press. Penny manages to free one hand to call Brain for help. Gadget uses his coat to break free and Brain saves Penny and Rick.
  • All That Glitters - Penny finds the M.A.D. sugar factory. As she discovers the Fool's Gold, she's hand gagged from behind and caught. M.A.D. agent tries to toss her from the cliff, but Penny tells him that there's a lot of people. So, Penny is tied up and locked. Brain rescues Penny.
  • Movie Set - Penny discovers that M.A.D. is using a movie set to shoot the military base and eliminate Gadget, but she's kidnapped by M.A.D. film director and Lana Lamour. Wearing the green princess dress, Penny is tied up to the pole and gagged. Penny realizes that she must replace Lana in the scene with the mechanical dragon which will burn her. Brain rescues Penny.
  • Amusement Park - Penny discovers that the bomb is inside the panda bear which Gadget won for her, but she's captured and then escapes.
  • Art Heist - Penny discovers that M.A.D. replaced the original artwork with the fakes, but she's caught and trapped at the eye sculpture. After a chase scene to the Statue of Liberty, Brain saves Penny.
  • Volcano Island - Penny discovers that the M.A.D prophet is going to put the bombs at the volcano to make it erupt. Penny is kidnapped and tied up inside the volcano. Penny feels that she will die when the bombs cause the volcano erupt. Brain rescues Penny.
  • The Invasion - Penny discovers that the Martians are the M.A.D. agents, but she's hand gagged from behind and captured. M.A.D. agents take away her computer book and trap her inside their saucer. penny discovers that she's trapped at the room where M.A.D. hides the stolen jewels. Brain frees Penny.
  • The Infiltration - Disguised as Gadget, Presto Change-O accuses Penny to be himself. Penny is handcuffed and arrested. Penny tries to tell the policeman that she's Gadget's niece, but no one believes her and she's locked at the jail cell. Gadget tells to the policeman that Brain is Presto Change-O. The policeman realizes his mistake and frees Penny.
  • Curse of the Pharaoh - Penny is snooping around the Egyptian pyramid to find the Pharaoh's treasure, but she's caught and tied up to the pole. Brain rescues Penny.
  • M.A.D. Trap - After a success in saving Gadget, he, Penny and Brain are surrounded by the fire. Gadget uses his copter to help himself, Penny and Brain escape.
  • Basic Training - Penny tells the train engineer that M.A.D. is going to hijack the train, but they're gassed. After the train has been hijacked to the M.A.D. headquarters, Brain wakes Penny up.
  • Sleeping Gas - Penny is walking near the mount to find the gas lab. However, she falls into the pitfall and is then kidnapped. Brain rescues Penny.
  • Gadget's Replacement - Penny discovers that M.A.D. is using the police computer to commit crimes, but she's hand gagged from behind and captured. After Gadget makes a malfunction at the computer, M.A.D. agents go fix it, leaving Penny tied up and gagged inside the truck. Penny breaks free and goes to save the day.
  • Greenfinger - Penny enters to the Greenfinger Institute, but she's tied up by the weeds' vines. Someone frees Penny and this is a M.A.D. agent. Later, Penny is tied up and gagged to chair at the basement with Mr. Greenfinger. Brain frees Penny. After Brain left to save Gadget, Penny tries to free Mr. Greenfinger, but she's that somebody is coming and she reties herself to not be caught free. M.A.D. agents arrive and take the barrels with the formula to grow the monster weeds in the world. Penny later frees Mr. Greenfinger and tells him to call the police while she has to save Brain from the Venus flytrap.
  • Gadget Goes West - Penny finds the stolen money, but she's caught by Black Bart and tied up to the chair. After Black Bart escaped with the money to meet with Dr. Claw, Brain frees Penny.
  • Photo Safari - Penny finds Brain and they try to find Gadget, but Jungle Bob finds them and traps them at the cage. Penny uses her watch to bring the Black Devil to destroy the cage's bars and free her and Brain.
  • The Coo Coo Clock Caper - Penny finds out that M.A.D. is melting the gold into the machine parts. Penny is hand gagged from behind and kidnapped by the M.A.D. Clockmaker. At first, she's tied up to the chair and gagged, but later, she's fully tied up and gagged and put under the hammer which will crush her at % o'clock. Penny ungags herself and yells for help. Brain hears her screams and rescues her.
  • the Bermuda Triangle - Penny tries to get back to the surface and call Chief Quimby, but her mini-sub is discovered and the M.A.D. agents chase her. Penny finds the air tank and swims to the surface, but the tank is half empty. After realizing that the tank is now empty, she swims back to the M.A.D. underwater hideout. Penny uses her computer book to send a distress call to the dolphins. Only one dolphin recives a distress call and helps Penny get out to the surface.
  • The Japanese Connection - Penny finds the control room and she starts scanning the "Pip-1" chip. However, she's hand gagged from behind and captured. Luckily she managed to scan the chip just in time and gives the information to Atsuko, so she can design "Anti Pip-1" chip. Brain and Atsuko free Penny.
  • A Clear Case - Penny finds out that M.A.D. is making the invisible suits, but she's caught and tied up at the conveyor belt. M.A.D. agent activates the belt to bring Penny to the laser. Penny tries to call Brain, but she's unable to break free from the ropes. The diamonds appear and Penny uses them to break free.
  • Dutch Treat - Penny enters to the M.A.D. truck to go to their hideout at the windmill. M.A.D. agent goes to open the truck's door and Penny tries to hide. Another M.A.D. agent calls him to give the keys to the windmill, so Penny is able to escape.
  • Eye of the Dragon - Penny finds Mr. Chow's "Floating Nest", but she's hand gagged from behind by the grandson of Gadget's contact. It turns out that he only wanted to protect Penny from being discovered by Mr. Chow's agents.
  • Plantform of the Opera - Penny discovers that M.A.D. is using the singing plant to activate the laser which will open the vault with the gold pizza inside. M.A.D. agents find her. Penny hides, but they lock her up. Brain frees Penny.
  • Gone Went the Wind - Penny finds out that Dr. Focus wants to use the Sneezooka to destroy Metro City. As she tries to call Chief Quimby, she's kidnapped. Dr. Focus begins activate the Sneezooka and Penny goes to find the main computer.
  • M.A.D. Academy - Penny tries to call Chief Quimby, but M.A.D. agents jammed the radio signals. M.A.D. agents enter to the room in which Penny is. Penny tries to hide, but they're getting close to her. Brain rescues Penny.
  • Luck of the Irish - Penny discovers that M.A.D. leprecans are using the laser to cut the Blarney Stone into pieces. As she tries to escape, she falls into the pit dropping her backpack outside. Penny is unable to get out of the pit without her backpack because there's a rope with the hook inside. Someone pushes her backpack to her, so Penny is able to get out. At the end of the episode, it turns out the the trio of real leprecans pushed her backpack to her.
  • Prince of the Gypsies - Penny enters to the M.A.D. gypsy trailer and finds a map on which the X is the place where the Royal Seal of Romanovia is buried. M.A.D. agents go to the trailer. Anya hides behind the wheels and realizes that Penny is trapped. Penny hears the M.A.D. agents coming and gets out by the chimney.
  • The Emerald Duck - Penny walks at the old rope bridge, but she falls into the river and the current takes her to the waterfall. Penny grabs the rocks and swims to the cave.
  • Do Unto Udders - Penny uses her computer book to sabotage the dish which is used to make the cows to not produce the milk. However, the cameras discover her and Dr. Claw orders his agent to get Penny. Luckily, Penny sabotages the dish just in time.
  • Did You Myth Me? - Penny takes the formula which helps M.A.D. to create the gold. However, as she tries to escape, she's attacked by the M.A.D. agents. Penny tosses the formula and crashes it. M.A.D. agents try to fix the formula and Penny escapes.
  • A Bad Altitude - Penny discovers that the hotel elevator is going to the ocean. However, the elevator is flooded and Penny begins sinking. The elevator's door open and Penny sees that she's underwater. While swimming, Penny sees the M.A.D. agents putting the explosives at the explosives to make the island sink, except for Dr. Claw's resort on the peak. Penny discovers the underwater hideout. After Penny discovers the M.A.D. plan, she tries to escape by the elevator, but she's captured and locked at the room with scuba tanks and the diving suits. Penny sees that the tanks are almost empty, but she has no choice and uses the laser on her watch to get free. Penny tries to swim back to the surface, but she's caught again and chained to a piece of metal. With tank ran out, Penny breaks free and swims back to the hideout. After calling Chief Quimby, Penny tries to escape by the elevator, but there are the explosives and she uses her computer book to bring the elevator back up causing the hotel explode. Penny finds the full tank and swims back to the surface.
  • Follow That Jet - Penny uses her computer book to use one of the stolen jets to fly away from M.A.D. airbase. As the door close, Penny uses her computer book to make the jet fly fast and get out.
  • Dry Spell - Penny goes to find the Metro City reservoir and sees that the water is taken away by the whirlpool. The M.A.D. agent's trolls confront Penny. As Penny steps away from them, she falls to the whirlpool, with the trolls following her. Penny finds herself at the place where Dr. Claw hidden the water. Penny reverses the process, but the trolls chase her. Penny jumps to the water and swims to the Metro City reservoir.
  • Smeldorado - Penny rescues Brain from the stinky gold. The stinky gold is taken to the train to clean it. The M.A.D. agents hijack the train and change the gold back to normal, so they can steal it. M.A.D. agents try to blown up the train with Gadget inside, but Brain saves him.
  • Weather in Tibet - Penny and Tabu enter to the M.A.D. hideout, but they're kidnapped and locked at the dungeon. Penny uses the magnetic powers on her watch to bring the keys.
  • Unhenged - Penny is snooping around the Stonehenge, but she's captured by the M.A.D. agents disguised as druids. Penny is tied up to the stone. Brain pretends to be a mad dog to scare the M.A.D. agents and save Penny. Penny and Brain are discovered by the M.A.D. agents and they run to the forest, but they're chased. Penny and Brain climb to the tree, so they can hide.
  • Snakin' All Over - Penny overhears that Pr. Venom is going to take the stolen coins to Dr. Claw. She's caught and she escapes to the attic, with Pr. Venom's snakes chasing her. Penny fights with the snakes and defeats them.
  • In Seine - Penny discovers that the M.A.D. agents are going to leave Paris with the submarine, but she's kidnapped and locked up. Penny then uses her computer book to raise the sub. It's unknown how Penny got out of the submarine.
  • Tree Guesses - Penny is snooping around the lab where M.A.D. is creating the formula to get rid of the wood, but she's locked. The formula floods the lab and Penny uses her computer book to escape.
  • Birds of the Feather - Penny is snooping around the M.A.D. hideout, but she's captured and trapped at the cage. Penny tries to swing the cage to the balcony, but the ring breaks and Penny sees that the cage is too high. Brain rescues Penny.
  • So it is Written - Penny tries to find another way to the treasure cave, but the Fierce Ones find her. Penny falls to the pitfall and lands at a piece of rock. Penny discovers that the pitfall is the another way to the treasure cave.
  • Fang the Wonderdog - Penny finds Fang, but the M.A.D. agent comes back and accidentally sets a fire. Penny and Fang escape upstairs and realize that they must jump out of the window. Penny jumps first and lands at the pool. Fang is trapped and runs to the roof, but is afraid to jump from that height. M.A.D. agents try to get Fang, but the dog jumps out of the roof and lands at the pool.
  • School for Pickpockets - Penny finds the school for pickpockets, but she's caught and her right wrist is handcuffed to the pole. Penny uses her watch's magnet to bring the keys, so she can escape. Later, Penny takes away from one of the pickpockets' Gadget's top secret watch. The pickpockets find Penny and demand the watch, but she uses the watch to freeze them.
  • Quizz Master - Penny discovers that Dr. Claw is planning to hypnotize Gadget to rob the armored cars, but she's tied up and gagged from behind and kidnapped. Penny is trapped at the giant glass jar and she breaks free from the ropes. Penny then tries to move the jar to get out. After many time failing, Penny tries again and succeeds.

Season 2

  • Magic Gadget - Penny takes the stolen money from the M.A.D. agents, but slips because the bag with the money is too heavy, waking up the M.A.D. agents. M.A.D. agents chase Penny. Chief Quimby arrives in the nick of time.
  • Wambini Predicts - Penny finds the M.A.D. bus with the robots, but she's handgagged from behind and captured by the Lesser Wambini. Penny is trapped at the bus and Brain frees her.
  • Gadget's Gadgets - Penny uses her computer book to open the trespassing door to the M.A.D. clinic, but she's caught. M.A.D. nurse locks Penny's computer book at the safe and then locks Penny at the room. Penny uses her watch to open the safe and get her computer book. Penny then uses her computer book to save Gadget. It's unknown how did Penny escape.
  • The Incredible Shrinking Gadget - Penny finds the antidote at the safe to reverse Gadget to be tall agin. Pr. Doomkauf comes back to his lab to get the antidote, but realizes that he left behind his shrinking ray gun at Gadget's house.
  • Gadget Meets the Grappler - Penny and Capeman chase the train at the hand car, but the back cars of the train ride to crash them. Penny stops the hand car. Unable to stop the train, Penny sopts the switch. Capeman accidentally switches the railroad and the cars pass him and Penny. Penny and Capeman get to the train. Pr. Doomkauf tries to get Penny, but he's stopped by Capeman. Later, Penny, Brain and Capeman are attacked by Grappler. After Grappler threw Capeman out of the train, Penny uses her computer book to break Dr. Claw's contact with Grappler.
  • Busy Signal - Penny sees the robbery, but she's kidnapped by Dr. Spectrum. Dr. Spectrum tries to teleport her to Dr. Claw. Penny kicks the phone ray. Dr. Spectrum and the M.A.D. agents fight for the ray, but they end up teleporting the pieces of the car to Dr. Claw and Penny is able to escape.
  • Focus on Gadget - Penny, Gadget and Brain investigate the orbital space station, but they're gassed and wake up at the anti-gravity chamber.
  • Gadget's Clean Sweep - Penny is snooping around the Tower of London, but she's captured and trapped at the pillory in the dungeon. Penny uses her watch's laser to destroy the padlock and break free from the pillory.

Other segments

  • Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas - Penny hides at the jack-in-box and finds out the Dr. Claw is planning to ruin Christmas. The mind-controlled elves trap Penny at the box, but later she escapes.
  • Inspector Gadget 2 - Penny and Brain are snooping around the M.A.D. hideout at the abandoned bowling, but Dr. Claw and his agents return. Penny is caught and Brain escapes. Dr. Claw reveals to Penny his plan. Gadget rescues Penny.
  • Inspector Gadget's Biggest Caper Ever - Penny makes the lizard being distracted from Gadget. Penny is kidnapped by the lizard. Penny makes the lizard shrink and Brain rescues her.

Penny's friends

Penny sometimes befriends someone in trying to solve the cases:

  • Rick Rocker - Penny met Rick while saving him and, at the episode's end, he wrote and sung the song called "Penny". Appeared in #11, "A Star is Lost".
  • The Dolphin - Penny met the dolphin while trying to escape from MAD underwater hideout and the dolphin helped her escape. Appeared in #29, "The Bermuda Triangle".
  • Atsuko - Penny met Atsuko while on her Japan trip after winning the computer contest and they worked together in saving the chip "Pip-1". Appeared in #30, "The Japanese Connection".
  • Prince Akar - Penny met Prince Akar while telling him the sacred sword has been stolen and they worked together to find the sword. Appeared in #31, "Arabian Nights".
  • Honourable Grandson - Penny met the boy while he rescued her from being seen by Mr. Chow's agents and they worked together in changing the stolen necklace into fake. Appeared in #35, "Eye of the Dragon".
  • Anya - Penny met Anya while looking for the royal seal of Romanovia and they worked together in finding the seal. Appeared in #45, "Prince of the Gypsies".
  • Tabu - Penny met Tabu while saving him from being chased and they worked together in destroying the weather machine. Appeared in #56, "Weather in Tibet".
  • H.A.L. (nicknamed Harold) - Penny met Harold while investigating the space station with her uncle and she rescued the computer from the dark side. Appeared in #78, "Focus on Gadget".


Penny was voiced in the pilot episode by Mona Marshall. In the first season, she was voiced by Cree Summer. In the second season, she was voiced by Holly Berger. In the Christmas special episode, she was voiced by Erica Horn.

In the 1999 live-action film, Penny is played by Michelle Trachtenberg. In the 2003 live-action film, Penny is played by Caitlin Wachs.

Penny is called Sophie in the French, Spanish(Spain only) and German version as well as the first airing of the Italian version (in the second season she's called by the English name), Karen in the Israeli version and Lilly in few episodes of the Polish version.

Penny plays the main role in the first season of the original series, but in the second season she plays semi-main role.

Gadget and the Gadgetinis

File:Penny and Gadgetinis.JPG
Penny with Digit (left) and Fidget (right) in Gadget and Gadgetinis.

Penny was slightly older than in the original. She received a slight redesign, resulting in shorter pigtails that started higher up on her head, a new 'bagger' outfit and her eyes changing colour to blue. She often stayed in the attic in front of her computer and used it to solve cases and call Gadgetinis.

Penny in this spinoff plays occasionally the damsel-in-distress role. Penny plays that role in episodes:

Season 1: One Too Many Gadgets, High Noon.

Season 2: Swap Team, Rock'n Gadget, Lost City of Gold, Claw's Nephew.

Penny was voiced by Tegan Moss in Gadget and the Gadgetinis.

Other media

Cree Summer reprised her role as Penny in a Robot Chicken episode.


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