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People's National Army
(Armee Nationale Populaire)
ANP emblem
Active 1962
(Formerly the Armée de Libération Nationale)
Size 107,000 regular (2007)
150,000 reserves (2007)

The People's National Army (ANP) is the land force of the Military of Algeria, the 2nd largest of the Maghreb countries after Morocco.

The People's National Army's equipment is provided by Russia, China,and other various countries.

The Army include two armoured and three mechanised divisions (IISS Military Balance 2007), one of which is the 8th Armoured Division based at Sidi Bel Abbes,[1] which was formed from the 8th Armoured Brigade after 1988. Another is the 40th Mechanised Infantry Division apparently based in the Third Military Region.[2]

Algerian military regions


Rifles, ATGM and missiles

Anti Tank


  • Soviet Union 275 T-55 Transferred to AFV role, almost where upgraded to AMV format.
  • Soviet Union 150 T-62
  • Soviet Union 500 T-72 Upgraded to AG format, and some will be upgraded to T-90S standards.
  • Russia 180 T-90 Ordered. Over 100 received. Deliveries to be completed by 2011.[3]
  • Soviet Union 42 T-80 Ordered in 2006

Combat vehicles


Rocket Launchers

Air Defense (part of the Territorial Air Defense Force)


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