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The People's Revolutionary Party of Kangleipak (PREPAK) is an armed insurgent group in Manipur demanding a separate and independent homeland. PREPAK was formed under the leadership of R. K. Tulachandra on October 9, 1977[1].



PREPAK was formed, in a meeting held on Cheirouching, Imphal, on the night of October 9, 1977. The meeting was attended by R.K. Tulachandra, S. Wanglen, Achamba, Tajila, Meiraba, Meipaksana, Y. Ibohanbi and Paliba, (who were the founding members of PREPAK). After it formation, it launched a series of attacks and ambushes against the Manipur Police and Manipur Rifles personnels during the late seventies and early eighties. In 1980, a small group slit off fro PREPAK and formed the Kangleipak Communist Party (KCP) led by its late leader Y. Ibahanbi.

The founding leader of PREPAK, RK Tulachandra was killed in an encounter in Kabowakching on November 12, 1985 [2]. After his death, S. Wanglen became the Commander-in-Chief of the group. In the late eighties, the group suffered one of its first factionalism as it split into many small groups. Some of these groups joined others insurgents groups of the state like PLA and UNLF. The late leader of the group Urikhingbam Sarat alias Meiraba with the help of the UNLF and PLA played a crucial role in uniting the group again.

After unification PREPAK along with PLA/RPF and UNLF launched a social reformation campaign in the state of Manipur. The campaign was aimed at eradicating social crimes like crime against women, drug and alcohol addictions etc.

The group's General Secretary L. Masunga was killed in May 19, 1993.[3] After the death of L. Masunga, Subash alias Paliba was elected as the General Secretary, Achamba as Chairman, Naba as Vice-Chairman, Tajila as Commander-in-chief, Chinglemba Mangang as the Defence Secretary. However, Achamba was removed from Chairmanship soon after.

In the early twenties, the group was again split into two factions. One headed by its General secretary, the other by the Vice-Chairman. Efforts were made by the UNLF, PLA/RPF, KYKL and KCP to reunited the two faction. Many cadres of both factions lost their lives in factional clashes.

In, 2006/2007, both the faction of PREPAK was re-united. However, another faction lead by the Defence Secretary, Chinglemba Mangang, of the General Secretary faction split off to form the United People's Party of Kangleipak (UPPK).[4]

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