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Slogan "Live Concerts Online"
Type of site Live concert broadcasting, Video hosting
Registration Optional
Available language(s) English
Owner, Inc
Created by Branden de Haas
Launched November 26, 2007
Current status Active is a website that allows bands to produce and watch live streaming concerts. Like, band accounts are called "channels". The company is an Internet startup based in Los Angeles, California

Artists are permitted to broadcast to an unlimited audience for free, and watching broadcasts does not require user registration. Broadcasts containing defamation, pornography, copyright violations, and material encouraging criminal conduct is prohibited by's terms of service.[1]


Technology's broadcasting and viewing technology is based on Adobe Flash, a browser plug-in found in 95% of all personal computers,[2] and available for all modern operating systems.

Users can broadcast directly from the site, with using Flash to auto-detect and stream from an attached webcam. also supports broadcasting using in HD using Flash Media Encoder to allow broadcasters to stream higher quality video.[3]

Following the site redesign in April 2009, the default broadcast channel video size changed from a standard aspect ratio of 450 x 350 pixels to a widescreen 600 x 450 pixels.

Content accessibility

Like YouTube and other static video sites, allows each channel to be accompanied with an HTML snippet, which allows users to embed video onto pages outside the site.[4] Another snippet is given to embed the associated chatbox as well, thus allowing users to recreate the basic functionality on another page.

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