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Peter Alsop is an American children's musician whose songs try to help kids deal with life. The range of subjects includes fear of sleep, dealing with loss, dealing with invasion of privacy, being called "gay" for showing emotion, gender differences, individual tastes, dealing with disabilities, and respect for others.

Alsop's lyrics sometimes deal with subjects related to sexuality: "It's Only a Wee-Wee, So What's the Big Deal?", "It's My Penis", "Hopelessly Heterosexual" and "Don't Stick Your Hand Down My Pants Just 'Cause We're in Love". These songs appear on disc two of a double CD collection entitled Sex and Sexuality.



The album Wha'd Ya Wanna Do? won the top award from NAIRD that year, while Wake Up! won the NAIRD Indie Best Children's Award.

Joint efforts

Alsop teamed up with Bill Harley to record the album Peter Alsop and Bill Harley In the Hospital, which deals with concerns children may have while sick. These include "Will people forget me while I'm in the hospital?" and "Why don't the doctors take the time to explain what they're planning to do to me?" The album includes a song to help children deal with grief and loss, and a story about a four-legged octopus who has to deal with teasing over her disability.

Alsop has also teamed up with John Ritter for the DVD Wake Up!, which deals with safety concerns such as abduction and abuse.

Personal life

Alsop was born and raised in Connecticut. He studied at Trinity College and went on to Columbia Teacher's College. For a time, he worked with emotionally disturbed teens in Maine, and with other children in the Bronx.

Alsop currently lives in Topanga, California with his wife Ellen Geer (daughter of Will Geer). They have two daughters, Megan and Willow.


Peter Alsop – Cassette/LP
1. Stuck On You 2. Junkfood Junkie 3. Doin’ It For You 4. Strength 5. Sandrock Canyon 6. Country & Western Transylvania Love Song 7. Man Oh Man I Can 8. It’s Gonna Be Okay 9. L.A. Freeway Song 10. Garbage 11. My Secret

Asleep at the Helm – Cassette/LP 1. Asleep At The Help 2. Doin’ It For You 3. Good Time 4. You Make Me Stand In The Corner 5. Ghosts 6. Let The Woman In You Come Through 7. When You Ask Me First 8. The One About The Bird In The Cage 9. The Young Woman Disco 10. Lists

Draw the Line – Cassette/LP 1. Draw The Line 2. Everybody’s Goin’ For The Money 3. Way-Hi 4. Atomic Waste 5. Snake Dance 6. One Less Mouth To Feed 7. The AFL-CIO Love Song 8. The Homely Friend Song 9. All Used Up 10. My Body

Uniforms – Cassette/LP 1. Gary Wall 2. It’s Only A Wee-Wee 3. Buckdancer’s Daddy 4. Look At The Ceiling 5. Love Is The Only Medicine 6. Baby Needs A Parent 7. Uniforms 8. Buddies 9. Hopelessly Heterosexual 10. Dancin’ At The Revolution 11. So Long

Fan Club Favorites – Cassette/LP 1. Lifeline 2. Let's Trade Butts! 3. Mr. D 4. Eulogy 5. Gone For Good 6. Chickens For Peace 7. When One Is Too Many 8. Give Yourself A Hand 9. My Father's Top Drawer 10. Erica_Levine 11. I Hope You Understand Dear 12. The_Hug

Wha'D'Ya Wanna do!? - CD 1. Bored, Bored, Bored! 2. Wha'd'ya Wanna Do!? 3. I Wanna Be A Dog 4. Charlie Douglas 5. Slap Hands 6. Sandwiches 7. My Brother Threw-up On My Stuffed Toy Bunny 8. Yecch! 9. I Am A Pizza 10. No One Knows For Sure 11. Don't Trick Your Dad! 12. Be Gentle, Robin! 13. My Body 14. You Get A Little Extra When You Watch T.V.!

Take Me with You!' - CD 1. Take Me With You! 2. Irish Seatbelt Jig 3. Let's Go! 4. Gnarly Dude 5. Hey Ev'rybody! 6. It's No Fun When Ya Gotta Eat An Onion 7. Animal Crackers 8. Chickens For Peace 9. Let 'Em Laugh 10. Little Cookie 11. Letter To Mr. Brown 12. He Eats Asparagus 13. Logical 14. Kid's Peace Song

Stayin' Over - CD 1. Stayin' Over 2. Bigger, Bigger, Bigger 3. I Wanna Try It 4. Dear Mr. President 5. Us Kids Brush Our Teeth 6. If You Love A Hippopotamus 7. You're Okay! 8. I Cried 9. Juice 10. No Excuse T'Use Booze! 11. Aaargh! 12. Rachel And The Moon 13. Where Will I Go? 14. Go To Sleep You Little Creep

In the Hospital – CD w/book 1. If It Doesn’t Have Me 2. A Friend Like Me 3. Peggy the Quadrapus 4. Let’s Face It! 5. My Little Clock 6. Inspection! 7. Samit & the Dragon 8. Needle-ee, Noodle-ee 9. New Ground 10. Castle Story 11. While I’m Sleepin’ 12. Take A Step

Pluggin' Away - CD 1. If I Was In Charge 2. I Can If I Wanna 3. Costume Party 4. Hyperactive 5. No One's Normal 6. Heal The Bay 7. That's My Thang! 8. Safari 9. Gotta Lotta Livin' To Do 10. What If? 11. Under The Rainbow 12. New Games 13. High Standards 14. Pluggin' Away

Chris Moose Holidays - CD 1. Chris Moose 2. Little Tree 3. The Gift 4. Daddy's Roll 5. Christmas Cheer 6. Buy Me Something! 7. When Jesus Was A Kid 8. The Night Before Hanukkah 9. G-Gee, It's Warm Out Here 10. I Believe You 11. The Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, Santa & God 12. Pass It On! 13. Clean Out The Attic 14. Earthsong

Peter Alsop's Did You Walk? - CD 1. Stretch 2. Did You Walk? 3. Did You Walk Two? 4. Giggles Samba 5. Affirmation Alphabet 6. Did You Walk Three? 7. After The Rain 8. The Prize 9. My Body Runs

Uh-Oh! - CD 1. Fifi The Age Fairy 2. Hello! 3. Uh-Oh! 4. My Gums Grow Teeth 5. Rabbit On My Shoulder 6. Conejito En Mi Hombro 7. Wiggle 8. Spin Around 9. Au Revoir 10. I Need A Hug 11. Apple Juice 12. Never Speak With Your Mouth Full 13. Peter’s ABC’s 14. Twinkle-Baa-Itsy 15. Itsy Spider 16. Pat Your Daddy On The Knee 17. Little Kid 18. Me-Me 19. Poop Goes The Weasel 20. Count Your Blessings 21. My Dad’s A Jungle Gym 22. Family of Friends

Family Roles - CD 1. Intro 2. I Am A Pizza 3. High Standards 4. Logical 5. Aaargh! 6. Don't Put Your Hand In My Pants 7. My Little Clock 8. The New Born 9. You're Okay 10. It's Only A Wee Wee 11. My Body 12. Take A Step

Ebenezer's Make-over - CD 1. Jacob Marley 2. It’s Only A Wee Wee 3. Men Are Good Joe Jencks 4. You Are My Spoon Amy Fix 5. Let The Woman In You Come Through 6. Shoulder To The Wheel Geof Morgan 7. Chromosoma Phobia Bob Blue/Allan Arnaboldi 8. You Ain’t Been Doin’ Nothing Tedd Judd & Peter Alsop 9. Burning Times Charlie Murphy 10. I Ain’t Afrain Holly Near 11. What Kind Of Brother Are You? Joe Jencks 12. Five Moms and Three Dads Tom Hunter 13. Womb Envy Romanovsky & Phillips 14. The Hug Fred Small 15. Gotta Lotta Livin’ To Do 16. Give Yourself A Hand 17. Kill The Children 18. Foolish Notion Holly Near 19. The Matador Geof Morgan/Charlie Murphy 20. It’s My Penis Geof Morgan/Peter Alsop 21. Singing For Our Lives by Holly Near

Songs on Sex & Sexuality – CD Gender, Sexual Orientation & Relationships 1. Baby Needs A Parent 2. It’s Only A Wee-Wee, So What’s the Big Deal? 3. Let The Woman In You Come Through 4. Buddies 5. Hopelessly Heterosexual 6. My Secret 7. Country And Western Transylvania Love Song 8. Doin’ It For You 9. I Hope You Understand Dear 10. Man Oh Man I Can 11. Lists 12. When You Ask Me First 13. Peter Adolescence, Self Discovery & Sexual Abuse 1. Good Time 2. It’s My Penis 3. Don’t Put Your Hand In My Pants 4. Look At The Ceiling 5. Love Is The Only Medicine 6. My Body 7. Letter To Mr. Brown 8. Back Up! 9. Strangers 10. Let’s Trade Butts 11. Give Yourself A Hand 12. My Father’s Top Drawer 13. Peter

Songs on Loss & Grief - CD 1. Take Me With You 2. While I’m Sleepin’ 3. If It Doesn’t Have Me 4. Mr. D 5. No One Knows For Sure 6. Where Will I Go When I’m Dead & Gone? 7. Ghosts 8. Gotta Lotta Livin’ To Do 9. I Cried 10. Lifeline 11. One Less Mouth To Feed 12. Eulogy 13. Gone For Good 14. My Brother Threw-up On My Stuffed Toy Bunny 15. So Long 16. New Ground 17. Peter

Songs on Recovery & Addiction - CD 1. Clean Out The Attic 2. My Little Clock 3. What If? 4. Snake Dance 5. Animal Crackers 6. Strength 7. No One’s Normal 8. Juice 9. I Can If I Wanna 10. You’re Okay 11. Take A Step 12. I Believe You 13. Let ‘Em Laugh 14. Peter Medicators 1. When One Is Too Many 2. No Excuse T’Use Booze 3. Christmas Cheer 4. Stuck On You 5. The Gift 6. Hyperactive 7. Daddy’s Roll 8. Uniforms 9. Buy Me Something 10. You Get A Little Extra When You Watch TV 11. Logical 12. If I Was In Charge 13. Aaargh! 14. Peter


Opening Doors - VHS 1. Dear Mr. President 2. Rabbit On My Shoulder 3. Baby Needs A Parent 4. Logical 5. Lifeline 6. It's Only A Wee-Wee 7. Look At The Ceiling 8. Love Is the Only Medicine 9. My Body 10. Letter To Mr. Brown 11. Aaargh! 12. The Hug 13. Kids' Peace Song

Costume Party - DVD 1. Costume Party 2. I Am A Pizza 3. Hey Ev’rybody 4. I Wanna Try It! 5. Bigger, Bigger, Bigger 6. My Body 7. No Excuse T’Use Booze 8. Yecch! 9. Kid’s Peace Song

When Jesus Was a Kid - DVD

Wake Up - DVD 1. Wake Up! 2. Strut Your Stuff 3. Back-Up! 4. Courage 5. Strangers 6. I Believe You 7. My Body 8. Baby Needs A Paren

Get Real! - DVD 1. Math/ Addition 2. Math/ Subtraction 3. Science/ Endorphins 4. F.R.O.G. 5. Divorce 6. Chinese Proverb 7. New Kid 8. Stuck In The Feelings 9. Alcohol As A Medicator 10. Safe People 11. Dis-ease 12. Grief Sculpt 13. Negative Messages/ Student 14. Negative Messages/ Teacher

When Kids Say Goodbye - DVD 1. Where Will I Go? 2. I Believe You 3. Grief Sculpt 4. While I’m Sleepin’ 5. New Ground

Sometimes Si, Sometimes No! - DVD 1. Sometimes Si, Sometimes No! 2. No Excuse T’Use Booze

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