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Peter Jones (18011856) was an Ojibwa Mississauga Methodist preacher from Upper Canada.


  • When I looked at the conduct of the whites who were called Christians, and saw them drunk, quarreling, and fighting, cheating the poor Indians, and acting as if there was no God, I was led to think there could be no truth in the white man's religion, and felt inclined to fall back again to my old superstitions.
In Life and Journals of Kah-ke-wa-quo-nā-by: (Rev. Peter Jones,) Wesleyan Missionary, quoted in: Rev. Ken Herfst Peter Jones - Sacred Feathers - and the Mississauga Indians Free Reformed Churches of North America Messenger, May 2004.

About Peter Jones

  • I first said "No; that is the white man's God, and the white man's religion; and that God would not have anything to do with the Indians." ...I thought that God could only understand English... I then met with Peter Jones, who was converted a few months before me, and, to my surprise, I hear him return thanks, at meal, in Ojibway. This was quite enough for me. I now saw that God could understand me in my Ojibway, and therefor went far into the woods and prayed, in the Ojibway tongue.
Pahtahsegay (Peter Jacobs), quoted in: Hope MacLean (2002). A positive experiment in aboriginal education: The Methodist Ojibwa day schools in Upper Canada, 1824-1833. The Canadian Journal of Native Studies XXII: 29.

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