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Peter Max Lawrence

Lawrence's headshot for MILK' by Whitler Pratphall 2007
Born March 19, 1977 (1977-03-19) (age 32)
Topeka, Kansas
Occupation Artist, Actor, Director

Peter Max Lawrence (born March 19, 1977 in Topeka, Kansas) is a contemporary media artist working within painting, video installation, sculpture, photography and drawing.[1][2][3] He currently resides in San Francisco.[1][2][4]


Critical response

  • "Named both for '60s art icon Peter Max and for a relative, the painter works in a fashion that is Jackson Pollock-ish but with his own twist." The Pitch, Kansas City, Kansas[5]
  • "Here's a show that sounds a little scarier than it is. Peter Max Lawrence's monsters aren't exactly what they seem", The Pitch, Kansas City, Kansas[6]
  • "Lawrence’s work exhibits an incisive and well-conceived depiction of current events through deification" San Francisco Bay Times[7]
  • inre Darren Smith's books: " is adorned with the art of West Coast underground artists Peter Max Lawrence and Lorin Brown", Good Reads[8]
  • "Queer in Kansas is an autobiographical film that carves an articulate (experimental) account of the history and creative process of Lawrence’s life as an adopted child", "Though dark and somber at places, its use of humor and a great sense of joie de vivre balance the film", San Francisco Bay Times[7]


As an artist, Lawrence has shown his work at such venues as New Works Gallery, the River Market Brewery and the Lotus Gallery. One of his early gallery showings of his art was at the Kansas City, Kansas, Public Library in February 2001.[5] It was followed later in 2001 by a showing in Montreal.[5] Lawrence has had exhibitions in galleries throughout the United States and Canada.[2] He received the CAAC fellowship in 1999 and the Garber Grant in 2001.[2] His work has been featured in publications such as Hoard Magazine.[2][9] His works also appear on the covers of two novels: The Bends (ISBN 0-595-37957-5 Published February 2006} and Shadow's Bliss (ISBN 0-595-38528-1 Published April 2006, by British underground novellist Darren Smith.[8] His discogrophy includes such music as Banana Blues, On Your Own Time, Queer from Kansas, and The Media.[10] His list of publications include Paint it Loud (Fall 2002)[5] and The Gods Are Alive And Well (Spring 2003)[3]. According to his website, Lawrence directed and starred in his first feature-length film, Something to Trade (2008) which was based on his critically acclaimed short Queer in Kansas (2007).[7] His other films include de Young (2007 documentary)[11], Glitter (2005), Negative Space/Jane Sommerhauser (2006), Queer in Kansas (2007), and Poor Pandora (Spring 2008).[12] His video performances inclide Diary of a Toothpick (1997), This is my truck (1998), Macramé Matinee (2000), and MOI (2000)[2][12] Lawrence has also directed such music videos as Krystle Warren's, I've Seen Days [13] and On that First Day of Autumn[14]


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