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Petrich is located in Bulgaria
Location of Petrich
Coordinates: 41°24′N 23°13′E / 41.4°N 23.217°E / 41.4; 23.217
Country  Bulgaria
 - Mayor Velyo Iliev
Elevation 168 m (551 ft)
Population (2005-09-13)
 - Total 35,134
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 - Summer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Postal Code 2850
Area code(s) 0745

Petrich (Bulgarian: Петрич) is a town in Blagoevgrad Province in southwestern Bulgaria, located at the foot of the Belasitsa mountain. Petrich is famous for the surrounding mountain landscapes. As of 2005, the town has 35,134 inhabitants.

Petrich is located near the Bulgarian-Macedonian-Greek border. The border is known as Novo Selo-Petrich crossing as the first town across the border is Novo Selo.

Petrich Peak on Livingston Island in the South Shetland Islands, Antarctica is named for Petrich.



Petrich was included in the territory of the Bulgarian State during the reign of Knyaz Boris I (852-889). During the Middle Ages it was a Bulgarian fortress of big importance during Tsar Samuil's wars (997-1014) with Byzantium. During the Ottoman rule, it was initially part of the Serez sandjak of the Rumeli vilayet. After that it became a kaza of the Serez sandjak in the Selanik vilayet. From 19th January 1892 Petrich and its district were included in Bulgarian Exarchate. Before being included in Bulgaria following the Balkan Wars in 1912. The town was briefly occupied by the Greek army in 1925 (see The incident at Petrich).


The town is a center for tobacco industry and vegetables, fruits growing. It has two machines factories - for water level detectors and details for cranes. There are also greenhouses. Produces peanuts.


Petrich is also the name of a municipality that is part of Blagoevgrad Province, of which Petrich town is the administrative seat. The municipality includes the following 55 places:

  • Baskaltsi
  • Belasitsa
  • Bogoroditsa
  • Borovichene
  • Chuchuligovo
  • Churilovo
  • Churicheni
  • Dolene
  • Dolna Krushitsa
  • Dolna Ribnitsa
  • Dolno Spanchevo
  • Dragush
  • Drangovo
  • Drenovitsa
  • Drenovo
  • Gabrene
  • Gega
  • General Todorov
  • Gorchevo
  • Ivanovo
  • Karnalovo
  • Kavrakirovo
  • Kamena
  • Kapatovo
  • Kladentsi
  • Klyuch
  • Kolarovo
  • Krandzhilitsa
  • Kromidovo
  • Kukurahtsevo
  • Kulata
  • Marikostinovo
  • Marino Pole
  • Mendovo
  • Mitino
  • Mihnevo
  • Novo Konomladi
  • Petrich
  • Parvomay
  • Pravo Bardo
  • Ribnik
  • Rupite
  • Razhdak
  • Samuilova Krepost
  • Samuilovo
  • Skrat
  • Starchevo
  • Strumeshnitsa
  • Tonsko Dabe
  • Topolnitsa
  • Vishlene
  • Volno
  • Yavornitsa
  • Yakovo
  • Zoychene

Broadcasting Station

At Petrich, there is a 500 kW mediumwave broadcasting station working on 747 kHz. It uses as antenna a 205 metres tall guyed mast insulated against ground with an additional cage antenna. This mast was built in 1977.


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Alternative spellings

  • Petrič

Proper noun


  1. a town in southwestern Bulgaria


  • Bulgarian: Петрич



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