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Coordinates: 45°15′08″N 19°51′44″E / 45.252160°N 19.862165°E / 45.252160; 19.862165

Petrovaradin Fortress

Petrovaradin Fortress, on the Danube river, overlooking Novi Sad
Architectural style Austro-Hungarian fortification
Town Novi Sad
Country Serbia
Client Prince Croy
Started 1692
Completed 1776

Petrovaradin Fortress (Serbian: Петроварадинска тврђава or Petrovaradinska tvrđava, Hungarian: Péterváradi vár, German: Peterwardein) is a fortress in Novi Sad, Serbian province of Vojvodina, on the right bank of the Danube river. The cornerstone of the present-day southern part of the fortress was laid on October 18, 1692, by Prince Croy. Petrovaradin Fortress has many underground tunnels as well (16 km of underground countermine system).



A gravure from 1821

Recent archeological discoveries have offered a new perspective not only on the history of Petrovaradin, but on the entire region. At the Upper Fortress, the remains of an earlier Paleolithic settlement dating from 19,000 to 15,000 B.C. has been discovered. With this new development it has been established that there has been a continuous settlement at this site from the Paleolithic age to the present. During the excavations carried out in 2005, archeologists also discovered another significant find. Examining remains from the early Bronze age (circa 3000 B.C.), ramparts were discovered which testify that already at that time a fortified settlement existed at the Petrovaradin site.

The first larger fortifications were created with the arrival of the Romans who built the fortress (Cusum) which was a part of the fortified borders (Limes) along the Danube.

The turning point in the history of the area came in 1235 when King Bela IV of Hungary brought a group of the Order of Cistercians from France. This order of monks built the monastery Belakut upon the remains of the Roman fortress of Cusum. The walls of this monastery were built between 1247 and 1252 and represent the fortifications at this site during the Middle Ages.

The fortress was strengthened due to the threat of Turkish invasion. However the fortress fell after a two week siege in 1526.


Austrian-Turkish wars

The clock tower, one of Novi Sad's major landmarks

The Austrian Army captured Petrovaradin after 150 years of Turkish control during the Great Turkish War in 1687. The Austrians began to tear down the old fortress and build new fortifications according to contemporary standards.

In 1692, the Krieghofrath ordered engineers to Petrovaradin to investigate the area in order to build a new fortress. Count Keysersfeld received both financial and personnel support.

The first plans for the fortress were designed by the engineer Colonel Count Mathias Keyserfeld, and afterwards by Count Luigi Ferdinando Marsigli (1659-1730). The works in the field were led by the engineer Colonel Michael Wamberg who died in 1703 and was buried in the church of the Franciscan monastery which today serves as part of the present day military hospital.

On September 9, 1694, the Grand Vizier Sürmeli Ali Paşa arrived at Petrovaradin Fortress from Belgrade. A siege of 23 days was laid on, however poor weather conditions in October forced the Turkish forces to retreat towards Belgrade with their task left unfinished.

The victory of the Austrians under the command of Prince Eugene of Savoy at Senta on September 11, 1697 resulted in creating the conditions for the conclusion of the peace at Karlowitz in 1699.

A new war with the Turks was imminent. The Austrian lack of interest in war, plus the war reparations suggested by the Austrians to the Turks in the interest of the Venetian Republic all served as reasons for the renewal of Turkish aggression towards Austria. In order to prepare for the upcoming battle, Prince Savoy ordered the concentration of Austrian troops around Futog under the temporary command of Count Johann Pálffy. Prince Savoy arrived personally on July 9. The entire Austrian army numbered 76,000 troops. In the meantime, the Turkish army concentrated 150,000 troops at Belgrade. The decisive battle between the Austrian and Turkish armies took place on August 5, 1716 at Petrovaradin. The Austrians were led by Prince Savoy and the Turks were under the command of Grand Vizier Damad Ali Paşa. The victory of the Austrian army signaled the end of the Turkish threat to central Europe.

Further works

The Royal gate

New plans were developed in 1751 and major works began in 1753 and lasted until 1776. When these works were under way, engineer Major Albrecht Heinrich Schroeder proposed a branched system of anti-mine tunnels to the High Military Council in early 1764. In March of the same year the plan was approved, but their construction was delayed for a number of years. During his visit to the Petrovaradin Fortress in May, 1768, Emperor Joseph II observed a military exercise with mine equipment carried out in his honor. The construction of this system of tunnels, having four levels, was completed in 1776 and the total length of the system was 16 kilometers (10 miles).

In the 19th and 20th centuries

Underground passages

After the completion of the Petrovaradin Fortress, there was never any further threat from Turkish forces. The last offensive military role the fortress was to play was during the Hungarian Revolution in 1849, when Austrian troops tried to force the Fortress to surrender after a blockade. The answer came in the form of the shelling of Novi Sad on June 12, when two-thirds of the city was destroyed.

During the following period, the fortress served as a military barracks and storage facility. Following World War I, Petrovaradin became a part of the Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (Later known as Yugoslavia).

During these years, the old fortresses at Belgrade, Osijek, Karlovac and Slavonski Brod which were built in the 17th century were razed because they had lost their military significance. The engineer Colonel Dragoš Đelošević, who was responsible for the destruction of the fortresses decided to save Petrovaradin because it was, to him, far too beautiful to suffer the fate of the other fortresses.[1]

EXIT festival

EXIT festival is an annual summer music festival that has been held at the fortress since its inception in 2001. Since then, it has grown from the biggest festival in South-Eastern Europe, to one of the best in Europe. Garbage, Fatboy Slim, Franz Ferdinand, Morrissey, Billy Idol, Pet Shop Boys, The Cardigans, HIM, Robert Plant, The Prodigy, Beastie Boys, Lauryn Hill, Basement Jaxx, Snoop Dogg, Wu-Tang Clan are just a few names that have performed at EXIT festival.

See also


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Europe : Balkans : Serbia : Vojvodina : Novi Sad

Novi Sad (Нови Сад/Novi Sad in Serbian) is the capital of Vojvodina, the northern region of Serbia. Situated on the Danube River between Budapest and Belgrade, it is a treasured regional and cultural centre. Novi Sad has the population of 400,000 and it's home to EXIT, a large 4 day music festival which takes place each July at Petrovaradin fortress.

Get in

Orientation: Novi Sad has good transport connections with nearby cities thanks to its great position. It is located about 80km to the northwest of Belgrade, about 300km from Budapest, 424 km from Ljubljana, 309km from Zagreb, 548 km from Podgorica, 150km from Timisoara (Romania), 100km from the border town (with Hungary) of Subotica and about 100km from the Romanian border town of Jimbolia.

By plane

The city itself doesn't have an airport and the closest one is Nikola Tesla International Airport (IATA: BEG) [1] near Belgrade (about 70 kilometers). There is no easy bus/train connection, but some taxi companies run regular cars between Belgrade Airport and Novi Sad, e.g. Gonzales Taxi, tel. +381 63 514 850 (English Speaking). Other useful airports with low-cost flights might be:

  • Budapest Ferihegy International Airport (IATA: BUD) [2] (247 kilometers from Novi Sad, serving numerous low-cost airlines, the best way to get to Western/Northern Europe by plane)
  • Osijek Airport [3] (96 km from Novi Sad, serving Ryanair [4] flights)
  • Timisoara Traian Vuia International Airport [5] (126km far, serving Wizzair[6])

By car

E-75 highway that connects Belgrade and Budapest is passing by some 5km from Novi Sad. Toll fare for passenger cars coming from Belgrade is 240RSD (or 3EUR). Prices for other types of vehicle (bus, truck) are higher.

If you want to go in the direction of Zagreb, Ljubljana take E-70 highway which is some 40km south/west of Novi Sad.

By bus

Using the bus is the most recommended option. The bus stations for long-distance trips are:

  • "Old bus station", at Bulevar Jase Tomića 6 (still much more used than the new one)
  • "New bus station", at the corner of Sentandrejski Put and Novosadskog partizanskog odreda, near "Novosadska Mlekara" (Novi Sad's dairy plant).

Internationally, the city has frequent bus connections to Budapest in Hungary, Zagreb, Vukovar, Osijek in Croatia, Sarajevo and Banja Luka in Bosnia and Hercegovina, and Budva, Tivat, Podgorica, Herceg Novi in Montenegro, but also many other international and domestic lines.

By bike

The cycling route EuroVelo 6 [7] connects Novi Sad to Hungary and to Belgrade by following the Danube river. Novi Sad has dedicated cycle-paths along most of its avenues.

  • Walk, the city centre is actually quite small and most of the interesting sights, bars and hotels are all within easy walking distance. There are plenty of street maps, especially in the centre, so you can find your way easily.
  • Public transport service. [8]. Novi Sad has an excellent bus service. Ticket for one ride (no matter how far you go as long you don't change the bus) costs 40RSD and is bought at driver.
  • Taxis are not overly expensive (by Western standards), the minimum fare varies between 80 and 100 RSD, with a cross-city trip typically costing 150-200 RSD. It helps to have the address written out although many taxi drivers speak fair, sometimes even excellent, English. However, be careful of taxis unaffiliated with one of the major firms (especially at the train station), or you may pay up to four times more than your fare should be. Some good taxi companies: Pan, Vojvodjani, SOS, Delta, Novus, Naš, Lav.
Petrovaradin fortress in the winter
Petrovaradin fortress in the winter
Petrovaradin fortress in the spring
Petrovaradin fortress in the spring
  • The fortress of Petrovaradin[9] on the right bank of the Danube. A fortress that no enemy has ever taken, it now contains a museum, "Muzej Grada Novog Sada" (Novi Sad City Museum) gathering all ancient objects of the region from the prehistorical era until today, large number of small art studios and living spaces of artists, underground military galleries - corridors, few clubs and few cafes and a delicatessen. It also has a small Observatory and Planetarium [10], open on Saturdays from 7PM-12PM. The observatory is open when skies are clear, while the Planetarium, which is near the Museum, is open every Saturday. The staff are young, fun and speak excellent English. The 5* hotel and three restaurants offer beautiful views of the Danube and of Novi Sad, and have recently been reopened, after extensive renovation and refurbishment works.
  • The Old town hall, right on the main city square called Trg Slobode
  • The Church of the great martyr St. George, Serb Orthodox church in Pašićeva street
  • The Church of Virgin's name, Catholic church in the center on Trg Slobode
  • Dvorac Dundjerski an old castle, wonderfully preserved, situated to the north of Novi Sad.
  • The Novi Sad Synagogue, a beautiful Synagogue in the center of the city, in Jevrejska street.
  • Foreign art collection 29 Dunavska, 451 259 Open: 9-16 every day except on Monday. This is the largest museum collection of foreign art in Serbia and Montenegro. In 1966, Doctor Branko Ilić donated his art collection of 136 paintings of foreign artists, 279 pieces and sculptures, period furniture and other items of applied arts to the town of Novi Sad and the Province. The legacy consists of the works of Western European schools from the XVI century until the end of the XIX century, mostly from the area of Central Europe (France, Germany, Italy and Austria).
  • Vojvodina Museum 36-37 Dunavska Street, 420-566, 526-555, Open: 9.00-19.00h on working days, closed on Monday, 9.00-14.00 h on weekends. Entry price for foreigners 100 RSD. Vojvodina from Paleolithic up to the XX century. Also, there's Dinaric Ethnic house "Brvnara" in Bački Jarak (15 kilometers north from Novi Sad).
Freedom square (Trg Slobode)
Freedom square (Trg Slobode)
  • EXIT festival, [11]. 9PM-9AM 9-12 July 2009. This festival, founded in 2000 an an onset to the democratic revolution in the country, attracts more and more visitors every year. It has a wider variety of music genres such as Rock, Dance, Reggae, Hip-Hop, Folk, and Techno. Many world famous bands played on the festival (Slayer, Moloko, Iggy Pop, Snoop Dogg, Wu-Tang-Clan, Public Enemy and many DJs from around Europe and Asia) and in the year 2004 it was listed as the biggest cultural event of South-Central/Eastern Europe.  edit
  • A stroll around the city's imposing boulevards and along the Danube river, for example the route Kralja Aleksandra - Trg Slobode - Zmaj Jovina - Dunavska - Beogradski Kej - Kej Žrtava Racije
  • If the weather is nice, sit down at one of the cafés around Spens and enjoy
  • The Železnicar Association of mountaineers and skiers organizes a hiking trip every Sunday on Fruska Mountain and in the Novi Sad vicinity. Trg Galerija 4, 529 978 [12]
  • Must visit in summer - "STRAND" - means beach, the most beatiful sand beach on the Danube river! It is open usually from 15. May to 15. September.
  • Coats good quality (particularly for the harsh winter) and very cheap.
  • Leather goods at The Manual Company, a modern franchise based on high quality luxury leather, handmade at affordable prices. Various shops, one at Zmaj Jovina 18
  • Quality goods, especially sportswear, can be found at Spens
  • Mercator (opened 2007 - shopping mall)
  • Merkur (opened 2007)
  • Bazzaar (shopping mall at the city center)
  • NewNork (renovated shopping mall at the city center across the street from the Opera House)


Understand: After a hearty breakfast with meat, Serbians traditionally work eight hours straight before having their "lunch" between 15:00-18:00. Obviously this is by far the biggest meal of the day, with huge quantities of soup, roasted meat and potatoes, and a pickle salad as a side dish. Novi Sad being the capital of "bacon heartland" Vojvodina, vegetarians can be frowned upon. Restaurants are typically open until 22:00.

Fast eat at "Cezar" pizza, Modene 2

  • Pizzeria ADRIJANA - Zmaj Jovina 1 - The Best Pizzeria in Town !
  • Pizza & Gyros "Stomi" - Braće Popović 8 (Novi Sad Fair) - The one and only Gyros in town... Delicious Pizza too.
  • Good Food - cheap burgers, sandwiches and gyros, Jevrejska 3 in the city center
  • Obelix - Futoški put 59 - All kinds of Grill, burgers, ćevap (kebab), ... Very popular place.
  • Dottore per la pizza - Maksima Gorkog 10 - Best Pizza in Town, also hot-dogs and crepes.
  • Jefta - one of the most popular places to eat a hamburger.
  • Bubi - one of the most popular places to eat a hamburger. Often is very crowded. Situated close to Novosadski Sajam (Novi Sad Fair) or at the Vojvodina fotball stadium
  • Pekara "Djani" - Bakery (you can buy burek here). Rase Radujkova 10,Novo Naselje
  • Mali Niš, Fruškogorska 16, 459 521
  • Niš, Jovana Popovića 27, 504 650
  • Bela lađa (Bela Ladja), Kisačka Street 21, +381 21 6616-594, [13].
  • Marina Trg Mladenaca 4, 424-353. very nice restaurant just few minutes from the centre of Novi Sad. Pleasant, with terrace and good food.
  • Bor (The Pine) Temerinski put 57a, 412-424.
  • Jet Set Temerinski put 41, 414-511.
  • Doria, Sutjeska 2. Cafe/Pizzeria. Good pizzas and pastas, 350-500 CSD. Near the sports stadium.
  • Alaska koliba Kamenička ada 1,365-683.
  • Dunav Kamenička ada bb, 365-683.
  • Lipa , Svetozara Miletića 7-9 (Under the lime-tree), 615-259.
  • Chicken Tikka, on the Vojvodiina stadium, near building SPENS. Nice and pleasant.
  • Staro zdanje, Trg Marije Trandafil 1, 527 040
  • Salas 84 - excellent, about 30 km from Novi Sad to the north-east. It's worth to see it!
  • Konoba - delicious fast-food experts. Awesome staff, very tasty food.
  • Leskovacki Rostilj, Bulevar Oslobodjenja. Serbian version of a hamburger. Cheap, tasty and filling.
  • Mediteraneo Trattoria 8, Rezervacije 021/526-322 Dostava 021/6612-621,[14]. Sweet Italian restaurant in center of Novi Sad.Ise Bajica
  • Secuan First ever Chinese restaurant in Novi Sad. Expensive for local standards, .Dunavska 16 Novi Sad 529-693
  • Ribarsko ostrvo (Fishing Island) Kamenička ada bb Novi Sad 365-683
  • Čerčil Natoševićeva 1 Novi Sad 525 132
  • Derbi Sutjeska 2 Novi Sad 611-347
  • 2 Štapića - Chinese take-out. Situated near SPENS on corner of Cara Lazara and Fruškogorska streets. [15]
  • Surabaja Indonesian restaurant, behind the church. Primorska 26 Novi Sad 413-400
  • Fontana Excellent traditional meat restaurant. Paid 90 CSD for great bowl of soup, 290 CSD for traditional Bosnian Cevapcici (ground meat skewers) and 390 CSD for a huge mixed grill. Staff very friendly, nice terrace with fountain in the summer. Also hotel. Nikole Pašića 17 Novi Sad 621-779
  • A'dam [Amsterdam] Excellent new place, very tasty food. Laze Teleckog 28 Novi Sad 472-7704
  • Balkan Ekspress - Dr. Vase Savica 3a, nice place offering grill and some other national meals. 021/453-100 [16]
  • Frustuk bar corner Petra Drapsina and Laze Kostica Novi Sad, 021/522 777
  • Any of the street vendors along Bulevar Oslobodjena
  • Maja - Here you can buy Novi Sad's trademark sandwich "Index". In a place next to it, you can eat good gyros. Situated close to Novosadski Sajam (Novi Sad Fair)
  • Disney - Pancakes. Bulevar Oslobodjenja 101.
  • Dukat (The Ducat) Đorđa Rajkovića 12 Novi Sad 525-190 [17]
  • Jatak Danila Kisa 13, one of the finest restaurants in the region. Prices range from €10-20 per main course
  • Zeppelin - Kej Zrtava Racije bb, Lovely restaurant and Cafe on a ship on the Danube with a great look at Petrovaradin fortress and with quality cuisine offering wide variety of meals.
  • Poslastičarnica Figaro, Mite Ružića Street, behind church in parallel street to Zmaj Jovina. Only 30 RSD for nice piece of pastry and 50 RSD for Espresso.
  • Cafe Poslastičarnica Twin, Zmaj Jovina 8. Excellent cakes and coffee!
  • Mozart Cafe - Cakes, ice cream and sweets. Bulevar Oslobođenja 46.
  • Europa - Ice cream and sweets. Situated in city center.
  • Vremeplov - meaning "Time machine", Bulevar Oslobodjenja (next to EPS bilding), Wonderful 1920s looking place, but with high prices for local standard, not followed by high quality of food.


GREEN HOUSE - vegetarian snacks, sandwiches, muffins, cakes VOJVODE KNIĆANINA 1, Phone: +381 21 654 1305

  • Martha's Pub, Ulice Laze Teleckog. The best honey rakija in town and one of the most popular pubs with an upstairs bar and patio and downstairs bar. A "must go" to try the honey rakija...  edit
  • Bar ''Kaž'te'', Kečigina 1, Ribarsko ostrvo.  edit
  • Bela Lađa international restaurant with gipsy music in the center of Novi Sad. ( or ( Try all kinds of wine. On the wall of the restaurant is 2000 different bottles of wine from all over the world. Contact / Reservation information Phone: +381 21 66 16 594, +381 21 422 552, +381 21 500 190, Mobile: +381 62 418-681, +381 63 680-822, Fax:+381 21 47 25 120, E-mail:, Address: Restaurant - Kisačka street 21, Rooms - Zlatne Grede street 15

As a university town, Novi Sad is known for a lively bar scene. There are lots of nice bars in the small streets to the west of Zmaj Jovina, around Njegoševa and Grčkoškolska Streets

Outdoor drinking (in summer): at Zmaj Jovina/Dunavska (slightly more relaxed) and at the sports stadium (locally referred to as Silicon Valley because of the alleged preponderance of breast implants!)

  • Cuba Libre Check details at [18] Ulica Laze Telečkog 13 o64
  • Trafika Lively young atmosphere. Ulica Laze Telečkog.
  • "RST" CAFE CLUB regularly changing programs, from open jam sessions over romantic evenings to domestic rock and pop bands
  • Trema (Stage fright) Probably the largest bar in Novi Sad, musical events, mixed audience. In the Serbian national theatre. Behind the entrance, take the stairs to the left. Pozorišni trg 1 Novi Sad 451-232
  • Bistro extremely dark bar next to Cezar Pizza, but fairly relaxed atmosphere inside. Youngish, slightly alternative crowd. Ulica Modene.
  • Sistem I dance/pick up bar, expensive and posh dress. Ulica Modene.
  • Adresa cocktail bar, stylish crowd. Ulica Modene.
  • Cafe "The Sting" Vojvodina Stadium 458-155
  • Foxtrot Futoška 23 Novi Sad 622-904
  • Pipping Cafe Club in the Cultural Center of Novi Sad. Katolička porta 5 Novi Sad
  • NS Time Bul. Despota Stefana bb Novi Sad
  • Absolut Zmaj Jovina 12 Novi Sad
  • Pivnica Gusan Zmaj Jovina 12 Novi Sad - one of the best pubs
  • Irish Pub - the closest you can get to an Irish pub, [19]
  • Big mama Zmaj Jovina 2 Novi Sad 613-442
  • Sterija Pozorišni trg 1 Novi Sad 451-644
  • Models Ilije Ognjanovića 24 Novi Sad 612-058
  • Cafe Club Bar Ego 622-029
  • Club Hedonista 529-438 [20]
  • Lounge cafe club is small cafe with great music and a searing hot atmosphere. Welcome Space Travelers, enjoy in quality down tempo, broken beat, nujazz, soul, funky, deep house and chill music! Novi Sad, Zmaj Jovina st. 10, [21]
  • ROUTE66 Novi Sad [22] Bulevar Despota Stefana 5, Novi Sad, Serbia,,; - international live concerts, great DJ music, lounge feeling, video performance, garden, promotions, company parties, birthday parties, program for kids with animation, happy hour for coffee, internet & WLAN for free, open for all kind of events, ...everytime smiling staff.
  • Kafe Bar "Braća Drinić" Branka Ćopića/474-83-80 [23]
  • A'dam [Amsterdam] Laze Teleckog 28 Novi Sad 472-7704
  • Downtown hostel [24] Njegoseva 2. +381641920342. Very central hostel close to many bars and restaurants. 360 tour €11-€18 per night.
  • Hotel Boem Branka Radičevića 5 21205 Sremski Karlovci (7km from Novi Sad) 881-038 881-892 mailto:hboem@eunet.yu From €17
  • Apartments Stojic [25] Partizanska 47. +381 64 205 40 27 . In Novi Sad, 300 m far away from the Railroad station and Buss station are the private accommodations and apartments "Stojic". ] €15-€20 per night.
  • " BELA LAĐA " ([26]) ([27]) street Kisačka 21. centar of Novi Sad +381 21 6616-594 or +381 62 418-681

e-mail: ,From €12 per person/per night private single room. Bela Ladja is located 5 minutes walk from the Exit Festival or the Danube promenade, the famous Dunavska street and Petrovaradinska tvrdjava on the River Dunav! In Novi SadPhone: +381 21 66 16 594, +381 21 422 552, +381 21 500 190, Mobile: +381 62 418-681, +381 63 680-822, Fax:+381 21 47 25 120, E-mail:, Address: Restaurant - Kisačka street 21, Rooms - Zlatne Grede street 15

  • Hostel Podbara Djordja Rajkovica 28, Novi Sad [28] Located less than 10 minutes walk from CityCentre. Internet and Breakfast included. Telephone: +381(0)21 551 991, (Price €11)
  • Voyager apartmans Strazilovska 16, Novi Sad 453-711 [29] From €45 -
  • Fontana Average rooms above the restaurant, also a huge apartment. Very friendly staff though limited English. From €25 per night. Nikole Pašića 17 Novi Sad (021) 6621-779.


  • Novi Sad Bulevar Jase Tomića bb Novi Sad 442-511 Fax: 443-072 [30]. Make your reservation [31]online. mailto: map [32] From €34
  • Hotel Braća Drinić Nice and modern rooms from €25, Branka Ćopića 122 38121/474-83-80 [33]
  • Vojvodina Trg Slobode 2 Novi Sad 622-122 615-445 mailto: From €34
  • Norcev Elektrovojvodina, Iriški venac 021-480-0222 021-6622-259 From €47 mailto:
  • CAR-Royal apartments is situated close to the Novi Sad Fair and is well connected to the rest of the city. Address: Cara Dusana 71, Novi Sad Phone: +381 21 63 62 200, + 381 21 63 62 201 mobile: +381 69 63 62 20 fax: +381 21 63 62 302 e-mail: web:,
  • Lux apartment Modern apartment with lcd television close to Novi Sad center and Fair. Address: Felegi Tivadora 8, Novi Sad Phone: +381 64 1400088, + web: Luksuzni apartman
  • Lora apartment Stylish furnished apartment with a kitchen, bathroom and a spacious lounge in Novi Sad close to the center, city beach and two shopping malls. Address: Narodnog fronta 11, Novi Sad
  • Hotel Park 35 Novosadskog sajma, just opened. 50-400€/ bed, breakfast, swimming pool, sauna, without a residence tax
  • Zenit Zmaj Jovina 18 621-444 Fax: 621-327 [34] From €50 for a room without windows,But there are also rooms with windows, hotel is in the very center of Novi Sad
  • Hotel Aleksandar Bulevar Cara Lazara 79, 27 Rooms from 100euro, very modern, car park,
  • Hotel Leopold I On the famous Petrovaradin fortress, spectacular views to the Novi Sad, 58 twin or double rooms and apartments, satellite tv, internet, car park
  • Hotel Mediteraneao - very close to Zenit, new, sweet and modern[35]
  • Hotel Gymnas Teodora Pavlovica 28, [36] B&B Hotel with the largest fitness centre in the city. All guests enjoy complimentary use of gym and sauna. Telephone: +381(0)21467710, Fax: +381(0)214740704, e-mail: (Prices: €45-110)
  • Garni Hotel Panorama 1A Futoska Street, Novi Sad [37] Located in the business part of the city offering all possible amenities to businessmen and other demanding travellers. Employees speak English, Dutch, and Italian. Telephone: +381(0)21 4 801 800, e-mail:

Get out

While in Novi Sad, you should definitely consider visiting:

  • Sremski Karlovci , beautiful small town just 8km from Novi Sad with well preserved architecture. Annual "Wine Festival" is held there every September.
  • Fruska Gora , national park and mountain on the southern side of Danube, famous by its marathon and many monasteries.
  • Palic lake , very popular summer resort amongst locals, near Subotica.
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