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Raver wearing his phat pants
Phat pants covered in reflective material.

Phat pants or phatties are usually made of denim but can be made of any material, and are fitted at the waist, but get wider down the legs all the way to the ground where they enclose the feet due to their width. Phat pants are usually worn by ravers and can be used as a visual identifier. Ravers will often customise their phat pants by covering them with reflective materials of their own design. The pants are worn at rave parties, where the glow of the reflectors illuminates people's legs while they dance. It is usualy worn by people who listen to hardcore, hardstyle and other hard forms of electronic music.



Phat Pants were first produced in Vancouver in 1995 by Laramie. The head designer was Noel Steen. [1]

UV Reflective Tape

UV Reflective Tape is usually sewn or glued onto phat pants and seems to "glow" as some say when a concentrated amount of light (usually UV rays from the sun) hits the tape causing to some spectators for the tape to "glow" when it is really only reflecting the light. Many ravers and shufflers who wear phat pants purchase small portable UV lights as they can point it at the phat pants giving them an intense "glow" as seen in some videos on YouTube.

Not to be confused with

Baggy jeans
Sometimes confused with phat pants because of their name, "baggies" are a specific type of cut with wide legs, the same width all the way down the leg. They are closely related to loose fit and are sometimes incorrectly labelled as such.
Another cut of jeans involving wider legs, distinguished by having a normal fit from the hips to the knees and then widening out from the knees down to the feet.
Harem pants
Sometimes confused with phat pants, but are actually very different cut. Whilst phat pants usually have a fairly high groin and taper out from the waist, harem pants have a very low sitting groin and very wide hips, whilst tapering in towards the ankles.

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