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Philbert Frog is a British animated television series made by Fat City Films [1] and produced by Heather Pedley & Philbert Frog Ltd. Created by Vincent James, it was first shown on the BBC in November 1992.

Philbert Frog is a forgetful, enthusiastic and silly frog who lives in the fictional Noggit Wood. Each episode sees him implicate himself and his pals in adventures of varying lunacy. His friends include Herbert Hedgehog, Melvin Mouse, Willie Worm (who once tried to tunnel to Mars), Monty Mole, Oscar Owl, Bertie Bird, and Tiffany Tortoise (who is quite sensible).

The series ran for 13, 5-minute episodes.


Episode list

Philbert Frog Super Hero

Philbert and the Sleepless Night

Philbert and the Dinosaur

Philbert Builds a House

Philbert Goes to the Moon

Philbert the Artist

Philbert and the Race

Philbert Frog vs. the Giant Ape

Exotic Frog

Philbert and the Swimming Adventure

Philbert the Detective

Philbert Frog Forgets to Hop

Philbert and the Snowy Day

Title Song Lyrics

Philbert, Philbert the Frog!

Philbert, Philbert the Frog!

Philbert! Philbert!

Philbert, Philbert the Frog!


The creators of Philbert Frog also worked with Cosgrove Hall.


Paul Joyce
Phil Jackson
Tony Garth, Phil Jackson, Vincent James
Narration and voices 
Rob Rackshaw
Mark Mason Tony Garth Animation Ltd
Storyboards and Layouts 
Jez Hall, Vincent James, Paul Salmon
Michelle Graney, Aileen Raistrick
Executive Producer 
Heather Pedley
Produced and directed by 
Vincent James

Other Adaptations

Five spin-off books by Vincent James were published by Hazar Publishing in the same year.

Philbert Frog — the Naughty Cousin

Philbert Frog — the Wishing Wand

Philbert Frog Loses his Memory

Philbert Frog — the Sunny Day

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