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Philip Weiss is an investigative journalist who has written for The New York Observer[1], The Nation[2] The American Conservative,[3] National Review,[4] Washington Monthly,[5] New York Times Magazine,[6] Esquire,[6] Harper's Magazine,[6] and Jewish World Review.[7] He also wrote the 2004 book American Taboo: A Murder In The Peace Corps. He describes himself as an anti-Zionist and rejects the label "post-Zionist".[8]


Clinton administration

Philip Weiss has published numerous pieces investigating both former President Bill Clinton and his critics regarding the numerous criminal investigations launched during the Clinton administration, such as the Whitewater investigation that pursued the Clintons' former business partners, Jim McDougal and Susan McDougal and the suicide of White House Counsel Vincent Foster. In early 1997 The New York Times Magazine published a feature story written by Weiss entitled the "Clinton Crazy" about "Clinton haters," which discussed the estimated one hundred influential "Clinton crazies" and their following of millions.[9][10][11]

He published several pieces, for the New York Observer,[1] National Review,[4] among other publications about allegations made by Juanita Broaddrick that she had been raped in 1978 by then Arkansas Governor Clinton. He maintained her accusations required further investigation.

American Taboo (2004)

Weiss is the author of the 2004 book American Taboo: A Murder In The Peace Corps which explores the murder of Deborah Gardner, a young Peace Corps volunteer who was allegedly murdered by one of her colleagues, Dennis Priven, on the Pacific island nation of Tonga. The book insinuates that there was a concerted effort on the part of the Peace Corps to exonerate Mr. Priven and to exculpate itself from responsibility in the death of Ms. Gardner.[12][13]

New York Observer blog (2006–2007)

In early 2006, Weiss began an online political blog, Mondo Weiss, focusing largely on American-Israeli relations, American Jewish life, and the role of the "Israel lobby" in American political and cultural life. According to Weiss, he stopped blogging at the The New York Observer website in spring of 2007 because The Observer had declined to pay him and the paper “was uncomfortable" with his politics. He moved the blog to Weiss wrote at length about his departure in the pages of The American Conservative, detailing the Observer editor's reactions to his columns critiquing Israeli government policies.[14]

2009 Middle East trip

In spring 2009 Weiss traveled to Gaza and joined a Code Pink contingent visiting Gaza where he met with United Nations relief agency, Hamas, International Solidarity Movement representatives and even the New York Times correspondent, all of whom tried to "explain the Gaza experience."[15][16][17][18] He then went to Egypt where he witnessed President Barack Obama speech at Cairo University, 2009.[19][20]

During this period Weiss also released as a "Mondoweiss presentation" on his "Mondoweiss" site a video made by Max Blumenthal displaying "signs of a racist reaction in Israel toward Obama."[21][22][23][24] The controversial video was removed from the Huffington Post site.[25]

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