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Office of the Press Secretary
Press Secretary: Cerge Remonde
Budget: P846.0 million (2007)

The Office of the Press Secretary (OPS) is the agency of the Government of the Republic of the Philippines, which is responsible for planning, programming, and coordinating the activities that will most effectively collect information about what is happening in the Executive branch of the government and getting that information to the media. In addition, the Office's greater role is to help Filipinos understand government policies and programs as well as shore up support for such.

The Office of the Press Secretary is headed by the Press Secretary, who is also the official spokesperson for Malacañang (Executive Office of the President). He is also responsible for conducting daily briefings to media as well as organizing press conferences. The current Press Secretary is Jesus G. Dureza and holds office at the Kalayaan Hall (Old Executive Office Building).


Subordinate Officials and Attached Units

The following officials are directly subordinate to the Press Secretary:

  1. Undersecretary for Operations/Print
  2. Undersecretary for Media Relations
  3. Assistant Secretary for Operations
  4. Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs
  5. Assistant Secretary for Administration and Finance

the following are which are attached to the Office and report directly to the Press Secretary:

  1. Presidential News Desk (PND)
  2. Media Research and Development Staff (MRDS)
  3. Electronic Data Processing Division (EDP)
  4. Presidential Message Staff (PMS)
  5. Finance and Management Service and Administrative Service
  6. OPS Secretariat

Presidential News Desk

The Presidential News Desk (PND) functions as the newsroom of Malacañang. As such, it gathers and disseminates information, such as press and photograph releases, and official statements from the Palace, on a daily basis.

The PND operates from Sundays to Saturdays, 5:00 AM to 7:00 PM. It is headed by a chief editor and is composed of a managing editor, deskmen, and reporters. Other units, which support the PND are Electronic Data Processing, the Transcription and Monitoring, and Photographs.

The PND was conceived by Francisco Tatad, who was the Press Secretary to President Ferdinand Marcos. It was called the Central Desk and used to hold office at the Mabini Building. During the administration of President Corazon C. Aquino, Press Secretary Benigno Teodoro relegated the Central Desk, which became the News and Reportorial Section, as a section of the Presidential Press Staff.

Under the Ramos administration, Press Secretary Rodolfo Reyes strengthened presidential coverage and set up the PND.

Attached Bureaus and Agencies

Philippine Information Agency

The Philippine Information Agnecy was the product of a Executive Order No. 100, which was promulgated on December 24, 1986 that abolished the Marcos-era Office of Media Affairs-National Media Production Center.

The PIA is organized into 11 divisions, 15 regional information offices, 74 provincial information centers, 911 community development information centers (CDIC).

Its subordinate units include the:

  • Motion Pictures Division/Film Laboratory,
  • Public Opinion Polls Division,
  • Media Studies Division,
  • Media Infrastructure Division, and
  • Human Resources Development Division.

Its current director is Conrado A. Limcaoco, Jr..

Bureau of Communication Services

The Bureau of Communication Services is the attached agency of the OPS that is tasked to provide materials and services related to various functions of the OPS and its bureaus, such as policy formulation, communication planning, and project development.

It also produces information materials for state events such as the anniversary of the People Power Revolution, Araw ng Kalayaan celebrations, and others. Its current director is Eduardo M. Varona.

Presidential Broadcast Staff (Radio-TV Malacañang)

The Presidential Broadcast Staff is tasked with audio and video documentation of the President's daily activities. It operates from Sundays to Saturdays, 24 hours daily and was organized on July 16, 1986. The Staff also established the Philippine Broadcast Pool, which aims to coordinate the activities of private- and public-sector media.

The staff maintains complete audio and video archives of Presidential activities, as well as major government programs of the last eleven years.

Its current director is Milton A. Alingod.

Bureau of Broadcast Services

The Bureau of Broadcast Services is a radio network, which aims to reach audiences that would not be ordinarily served by commercial broadcasters. It started in 1986 with 14 stations with an average of one-kilowatt power rating. At present, it is a network of 34 radio stations nationwide with an average power output of ten-kilowatts.

The network has four radio stations in Metro Manila, DZRB Radyo ng Bayan, DWBR Business Radio, DZRM, and DZFM Sports Radio as well as 30 provincial stations.

Its current director is Dante A. Cruz.

National Printing Office


The National Printing Office (NPO) was established by Executive Order No. 285 on July 25, 1987. EO 285 abolished the General Services Administration and transferred its functions to other pertinent agencies. Its Government Printing Offices was merged with the printing units of the PIA. The NPO is mandated by EO 285 to print forms, official ballots, public documents, and public information materials.

National Broadcasting Network

See National Broadcasting Network

News and Information Bureau

The News and Information Bureau is composed of the following divisions:

  1. Administrative and Financial Division
  2. Presidential Press Staff
  3. Media Accreditation and Relations Division/International Press Center




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