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Phonezoo Logo copyrighted.png
Commercial? Yes
Type of site user generated mobile content
Registration Required, open to ages 14 and above
Available language(s) English
Owner Phonezoo Communications, Inc.
Created by Phonezoo Communications, Inc. is a free website for creating & sharing mobile content like ringtones, photos & wallpapers. Phonezoo allows for content creation, discovery, download and an easy mobile personalization experience. Phonezoo has combined the ideas of user created content and the power of the mobile community, also referred to as a mobile social network.[1]

-- (talk) 14:48, 11 March 2010 (UTC)Mike Oxbig== Background ==

Phonezoo[2] was founded in February 2006 by Ram Ramkumar and Manish Vaidya. Phonezoo is a Silicon Valley-based startup with funding led by venture capitalist Tim Draper of DFJ Ventures, Inc.[3]

As reported by Alexa, since its launch, Phonezoo has become a leading mobile social media and entertainment site in North America with 90%+ traffic from USA.[4] Every day, hundreds of thousands of mobile content pieces are created, discovered and downloaded by members of the Phonezoo community. As per data collected by Quantcast is a top 5,000 US site that attracts a more female, teen group.[5]

Like most social networking services, the business model is based on serving advertisements to users. Every day, hundreds of thousands of pieces contents are created and downloaded by members of the Phonezoo community, some of which can be seen via users Twitter feed.[6]. This setting is based on personal choice and can be controlled via the privacy setting page. Growing entirely virally, Phonezoo has successfully built a profitable, off-portal content model for online and mobile entertainment.

Phonezoo has a fanpage on Facebook with several thousand fans & growing every day.



Phonezoo is a service that allows people to send ringtones, photos and games to their mobile phone for free. Phonezoo is an ad-supported service and does not require users to sign up to any subscription plan. Users can create ringtones from mp3s on their computer and send ringtones others have created.[7] They can also enter their own song title, song description and tags to their created ringtones. [8]

Phonezoo uses Acoustic fingerprint technology to automatically detect if a file being uploaded is from a copyrighted track. Once such an upload has been detected, the site does not allow any sharing of such content.

This technology has been licensed from Audible Magic Corporation [9] which is a commercial venture that provides electronic media identification and copyright management solutions using proprietary acoustic fingerprinting technology U.S. Patent 5,918,223 based on original research by Musclefish Consulting.

Phonezoo does not charge its users but charges from the carrier WILL occur just like when you download anything on the phone from the web. Many people have internet access on the phone as a part of the monthly plan. If they don't, the carrier may charge them for internet access to download the ringtone, photo or game. Users may also get charged for the text messages. The text message charges are usually 10c and internet access is around 1c/kb i.e. a typical ringtone download will cost about 60c-70c. On carriers like Verizon there is usually a fixed charge per message of 25c. Many calling plans these days have both messaging and internet access included - users should check with your carrier about your specific plan to see what is included.


To keep the site free to end users, Phonezoo partners with leading advertising networks like Google and Adbrite to show advertisements on the website, on WAP pages and in the text messages sent to users. Phonezoo also partners with Greystripe to offer free, ad-supported games via its WAP portal.[10]

Recently,, the user-generated music creation community created by Grammy award winning artist Christopher "Ludacris" Bridges and Phonezoo announced a partnership to launch an innovative content distribution platform for new artists.[11]. Phonezoo has also been working with smaller independent labels like to promote their artists via free ringtone distribution.[12]

Phonezoo worked with KITS FM Radio station (FM105.3) in the San Francisco Bay area to sponsor the Not So Silent Night 2009 concert featuring artists like Muse, AFI, Vampire Weekend, Thirty Seconds to Mars, and Metric. [13]

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