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Ancient Greek phrygian helmet with swastika marks, 350-325 BCE

The Phrygian type helmet[1] was a type of helmet that was originated[2] in Classical Greece and was widely used[3] in Thrace, Dacia, Italy and the Hellenistic world until well into the Roman Empire.It received its name due to its resemblance to the Phrygian cap.

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  1. ^ Rome's Enemies (1): Germanics and Dacians (Men at Arms Series, 129) by Peter Wilcox and Gerry Embleton,1982,page 20,"... people, as were the Phrygians and those Thracians living north ... the solid crest of a 'Phrygian'-type helmet as a running pattern, as shown on the pedestal reliefs; ..."
  2. ^ "Terms such as Illyrian and attic are used in archeology for convenience to denote a particular type of helmet and do not imply its origin"(See page 60 ,Peter Connoly, Greece & Rome at War,ISBN 185367303X)
  3. ^ The Army of Alexander the Great (Men at Arms Series, 148) by Nicholas Sekunda and Angus McBride,1992,page 6,"... Philip gave them heavy armour-cuirasses and helmets of the `Phrygian' type-and he further developed the new tactical formations Jason of Pherai ..."


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