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Pi Sigma Epsilon
Founded May 14, 1952 (1952-05-14) (57 years ago)
Georgia State University
Type Professional
Scope National
Colors Amethyst and Gold
Chapters 142 chartered, 50 active
Headquarters 3747 S. Howell Avenue
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA
Homepage http://www.pse.org/

ΠΣΕ (Pi Sigma Epsilon) is the only national, professional fraternal organization in sales, marketing, and management in the United States. The fraternity was developed by four members of the Sales and Marketing Executives (SME) association of Atlanta, Georgia. With the Alpha chapter established at Georgia State College, now Georgia State University, the fraternity was incorporated on May 14, 1952. It is currently headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.



One of the first steps taken in the creation of Pi Sigma Epsilon was the development of the Statement of Purpose. The Fraternity adheres to these six purposes:

  • To create a collegiate organization of students who are interested in the advancement of marketing, sales and management as a career and a profession;
  • To promote the study of marketing, sales and management in colleges and universities;
  • To bring together academically qualified students who express a desire to enter the fields of professional marketing, sales management;
  • To encourage in colleges and universities the establishing of courses preparing students for careers in professional marketing, sales management;
  • To simulate improved methods and techniques in the fields of marketing, sales and management;
  • To instill in its members the highest possible ethical standards in selling.


In 1951, Lloyd L. Antle, an Ohio University graduate and professor of Marketing at Georgia State College proposed that the sales profession should have a professional fraternity of its own because sales and marketing would become a vital force in the economy. Professor Antle and his colleagues, Dr. William Harris and Dr. Henry Baker, asked Mr. Lewis F. Gordon, one of the founders of the Sales and Marketing Executives (SME) association of Atlanta, to help design the first collegiate fraternity in marketing, sales management, and selling.

The four men approached other SME members, gained their support, set up organizational meetings, and worked diligently to develop plans. After an entire year of planning, the foundation for this new organization was laid. With input from students, professionals and those founders, five essential aspects of Pi Sigma Epsilon were developed: the Statement of Purpose, Constitution and Bylaws, Creed, Key and Ritual of Initiation. The Greek letters of Pi Sigma Epsilon were carefully chosen to represent members of the fraternity.

  • Prospective Sales Executives (collegiates)
  • Preparers of Sales Executives (educators)
  • Professional Sales Executives (professionals and alumni)

The Fraternity was incorporated in the state of Georgia on May 14, 1952, and the first chapter, Alpha, was installed at Georgia State College.

For the first 23 years of its existence, Pi Sigma Epsilon was an all-male fraternity. In 1974, the National Constitution was amended to include women. Today, PSE’s membership, leadership, and staff include women who play key roles in every aspect of the organization. Currently, PSE consists of 142 chartered chapters at colleges and universities.


Pi Sigma Epsilon offers a variety of programming to its members. Programming is available through a local to national level for all the chapters. The programming offered through PSE is designed for members to gain lifetime skills that they can use throughout their careers.


Sales Projects

Marketing Sales Projects are the primary way chapters learn managing and leadership skills. Sales projects are created by chapters or given through corporate sponsors. The projects can range from non-profit to earning over $50,000. Money generated with these projects are used for chapter programming or given back to charities.


The Pro-Am Sell-A-Thon is an annual sales competition held by PSE at its six fall regional conferences and its annual National Sales and Marketing Convention. Its purpose is to provide PSE collegiate members with the opportunity to experience the salesperson’s role in a simulated business-to-business (B2B) sales environment with coaching from a sales professional.

College students compete in an all-day sales training and development program that teaches them selling using concepts from SPIN Selling by Huthwaite and Getting the Second Appointment by Tony Parinello. Participants are then paired with sales professionals, who coach, mentor, and critique the student on his/her sales call. The next step of the program is the actual competition. This is a simulated sales presentation in which each student is evaluated on his/her ability to successfully move the customer through the sales process and obtain commitment. Each role-play is judged by a panel of sales professionals and recorded on a DVD so that the student can review their performance at the end of the event.

Certified Officer Training (CCO)

CCO training is a program that is offered to all members of PSE. It is designed to give members a chance to learn leadership skills and become a stronger member of PSE by going through training for a particular officer position that he/she would be interested in learning more about. After completing a vigorous training process, the member takes a written exam. If the member passes the exam with a 70% or better then he or she is certified but if they pass with a 90% or higher they are diamond certified.

Business Oriented Simulation System (BOSS)

The BOSS Games, sponsored by Northwestern Mutual Financial Network, is an interactive computer business simulation allowing PSE teams to compete head to head across the country. Teams have 8 weeks to function as a Chief Marketing Officer by creating and implementing new and improved marketing strategies and re-branding techniques. Each week, teams make new decisions and adjustments to their original plans. Plaques and cash prizes are awarded to the teams finishing in the top four nationally.

Scholarships and Awards

PSE collegiate members have an opportunity to apply for annual scholarships totaling over $34,000. Scholarships are awarded at the National Convention. In particular, PSE offers a future leader scholarship to its members. This scholarship is for a student that is a freshman or sophomore standing in college. The student must represent PSE’s values and be a future leader within the organization.

The awards program is an opportunity for chapters and individual members to show off their hard work from throughout the year. The chapters have a chance to compete in such categories as Top Chapter, Case competition, Business/Marketing plan, Sale Projects, Community Service and others to just name a few. To qualify for an award, a chapter needs to turn in its reports and award entry on time and give a presentation on the project at the National Convention. The 2008 National Convention will be held in Dallas, Texas from March 26-30.

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