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Scientific classification
Domain: Archaea
Kingdom: Euryarchaeota
Phylum: Euryarchaeota
Class: Thermoplasmata
Order: Thermoplasmatales
Family: Picrophilaceae
Genus: Picrophilus
Binomial name
Schleper et al. 1996
  • P. oshimae
  • P. torridus

In taxonomy, Picrophilus is a genus of the Picrophilaceae.[1]

The genus Picrophilus is an extremely acidophilic genus within the Euryarchaeota. These microbes are the most acidophilic organisms currently known, with the ability to grow at a pH of -0.06[2]. They are obligate acidophiles and are unable to maintain their membrane integrity at pH values higher than 4. While phylogenetically related to other organisms within the Thermoplasmata, unlike Thermoplasma and Ferroplasma, Picrophilus contains an S-layer cell wall.



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Scientific journals

  • Schleper C, Puhler G, Klenk HP, Zillig W (1996). "Picrophilus oshimae and Picrophilus torridus fam. nov., gen. nov., sp. nov., two species of hyperacidophilic, thermophilic, heterotrophic, aerobic archaea". Int. J. Syst. Bacteriol. 46: 814–816.  
  • Schleper C, Puehler G, Holz I, Gambacorta A, Janekovic D, Santarius U, Klenk HP, Zillig W (1995). "Picrophilus gen. nov., fam. nov.: a novel aerobic, heterotrophic, thermoacidophilic genus and family comprising archaea capable of growth around pH 0". J. Bacteriol. 177: 7050–7059. PMID 8522509.  

Scientific books

  • Madigan, M.T. and Martinko, J.M. (2005). Brock Biology of Microorganisms, 11th Ed.. Pearson Prentice Hall.  

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Superregnum: Archaea
Regnum: Euryarchaeota
Phylum: Euryarchaeota
Classis: Thermoplasmata
Ordo: Thermoplasmatales
Familia: Picrophilaceae
Genus: Picrophilus
Species: P. oshimae - P. torridus

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