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Pierre Mulele (August 11, 1929 - October 3 [or October 9, depending on the source], 1968) was a Congolese revolutionary who was briefly minister of education in Patrice Lumumba's cabinet. In 1964, during the Simba rebellions, Mulele, who had previously undergone training in the Eastern bloc as well as Red China, led a Maoist[1] faction in the province of Kwilu. After the rebellion's defeat, he fled into exile in Congo-Brazzaville. In 1968, then-President Joseph-Désiré Mobutu (later Mobutu Sese Seko) lured Mulele out of exile by promising him amnesty. Mulele returned to Congo-Kinshasa, believing he would be granted amnesty. Instead, he was publicly tortured and executed: his eyes were pulled from their sockets, his genitals were ripped off, and his limbs were amputated one by one, all while he was alive. What was left was dumped in the river.[2][3]


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