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Directed by Karl DiPelino
Produced by Chris Ragonetti
Written by Karl DiPelino
Chris Ragonetti
Starring Jefferson Brown
Darryn Lucio
Melanie Marden
Christopher Elliott
Music by Andre Plante
Vincent Sciara
Cinematography Gurjeet Mann
Editing by Karl DiPelino
Distributed by Peace Arch Releasing (Canada)
ThinkFilm (USA)
Release date(s) November 5 (USA), 2007
Running time 85 minutes
Country Canada
Language English

Pigs is a 2007 Canadian teen comedy directed by Karl DiPelino. The title refers to the slang meaning of the word pig, i.e. (in this case) an egoist : someone who disregards other's feelings and acts out self interest.


Ladies' man and soon to be college graduate Miles (Jefferson Brown) is a player who keeps journals over his "conquests". His best friend Cleaver (Darryn Lucio) thinks Miles should join a sort of bet. The bet evolves around Miles sleeping with girls depending on their surnames first letter, thus "completing" the alphabet before he graduates. Already having slept with a number of girls with different first-letters in their surnames, Miles stands a good chance of being able to succeed. It all boils down to whether he can find a and sleep with a girl whose surname starts with an X. Miles's roommate Ben (Christopher Elliott) however will prove to be a problem for Miles, since he has got a crush on Gabrielle (Melanie Marden), Miles's target. At the end of the bet, Cleaver tries to push Miles even harder, since the pot has grown to 30,000 dollars. Miles, however, has fallen for Garbielle, whom he thinks is different from every girl he's ever met. They start dating for a while, and Ben becomes more and more jealous. Later on, Ben decides to ruin Miles's chances of sleeping with Gabrielle and tells Garbielle about the bet, even though Miles has clearly explained that Gabrielle means more to him than the money.


  • Jefferson Brown .... Miles
  • Darryn Lucio .... Cleaver
  • Melanie Marden .... Gabrielle "X"
  • Christopher Elliott .... Ben
  • Kelly Cunningham .... Wendy "P"
  • Katharine Jane Reid .... Fran
  • Tyrone Greenidge .... Big Eddie
  • Derek Cvitkovic .... Silvio
  • Ted Neal .... Tommy
  • Heidi Rayden .... Michelle Noonan
  • Leslie Ferreira .... Stacy Usher/Swanson
  • Sarah Scheffer .... Vicky
  • Subeena Ishaq .... Rebecca Stinson
  • Kim Allan .... Party Girl
  • Yo Mustafa .... Waiter

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