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The Pillow Head Hour was a one-hour block of E/I-compliant programming on the now-defunct Kids WB, featuring two half-hour series and framed by interstitial segments hosted by Pillow Head reporter Gisselle.




The Pillow Head Hour originated on June 4, 2005, to promote the final episodes of Jackie Chan Adventures. Airing at 8:00 AM (Eastern time), 7:00 AM (Central/Pacific time), it consisted of two new episodes of Jackie Chan Adventures, along with certain promotions of characters from Kids' WB! shows talking about and showing off their "Pillow Head Hair" (what their hair would look like if they had just woken up from bed). Activities included "1001 Uses for Pillow Head Hair," in which the character shows what their Pillow Head Hair can be used for, as well as "Guess the Pillow Head," where a silhouette of a Kids' WB! character with Pillow Head Hair was shown at the beginning of a commercial break, and when the show returned it was revealed who the Pillow Head was. There was no host at this time, only an unseen announcer. Actor Field Cate was one of the featured children waking up in a bed with Pillow Head Hair, surrounded by cartoon characters. Although it was scheduled to last longer, this interstitial was discontinued as of July 2, 2005, when Kids' WB! did a last-minute schedule change, replacing Jackie Chan Adventures with Teen Titans and The Batman. On, however, Gisselle, the "Pillow Head Reporter," could be seen doing a "Pillow Head Report," where viewers asked her questions about various elements of pop culture, including Kids' WB!



Earlier in the year, Kids' WB! had announced that they would be discontinuing their weekday afternoon block and extending the Saturday block by one hour and thus it would not be affected by timezone. Therefore, the Pillow Head Hour was reborn in the new hour at 7 AM on January 7, 2006, but this time, it consisted of two episodes of a randomly selected Kids' WB! show, and was hosted by Gisselle, who was interviewing special guests talking about and showing off their "Pillow Head Hair." Gisselle also spoke during the promos that tell you what show is coming up next, as well as acting during the commercial bumpers with guests saying things like, "Wake up, Pillow Heads!" However, starting July 8, 2006, the Pillow Head Hour was discontinued yet again, replaced by two Yu-Gi-Oh! episodes to reformat the lineup to the "Sizzlin' Summer Lineup."


This was supposed to be seen again beginning September 23, 2006, when it would've moved to The CW Television Network as a result of the merger of The WB and UPN, but it apparently has been fully discontinued as instead an animated program with Shaggy and Scooby as hosts has taken its place. More recently, Gisselle's Pillow Head reports have been removed from as of November 4, 2006 when reformatted their website. No news exists of anything Pillow Head related returning to Kids' WB! as of yet, but one game known as "Attack of the Pillow Head Monster" remains on the website.

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