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Pine Mountain is a natural geographical feature located in Cobb County, Georgia, near the town of Kennesaw.



Pine Mountain is located at approximately 33°59'21.13" North, 84°38'43.00" West. The small "mountain" has an approximate elevation of 1292 feet or 394 meters above sea level. Contrary to the implications of its name, Pine Mountain is plentiful with various deciduous trees. However, pines are usually the first tree to grow after deforestation, so it was likely covered with pines when it was named in the 19th century.

The mountain is also part of the ridge which divides the two watershed basins of the county. To the north and west, it is Lake Allatoona, while to the south and east it is the Chattahoochee River. From here, the line runs west-southwest across Lost Mountain, and east-northeast across Kennesaw Mountain and then Sweat Mountain.


Pine Mountain is the site where Confederate Lt. Gen. Leonidas Polk was killed on June 14, 1864, during the American Civil War.

Whereas Pine Mountain was the highest point between Kennesaw Mountain and Lost Mountain, it was of interest to both Confederate and Union forces during the Atlanta Campaign. Consequently, between June 5 and June 15, Confederate forces fortified and held Pine Mountain as an outpost of the main Confederate line 1.2 miles south of the line that extended from Lost Mountain to Brushy Mountain. The Confederates positioned artillery of Bates' Division, Hardee's Corps Artillery, 5th Company of Washington Artillery of Louisiana, and Lt. R. T. Beauregard's South Carolina Battery atop Pine Mountain.

On June 10, the Union XIV and XX Corps Artilleries redeployed from Mars Hill Church to a position facing south towards Pine Mountain. The XIV Corps Artillery occupied the left flank; the XX the right. From this location, Union artillery hoped to check the Confederates' strategic placement of guns near Pine Mountain's summit.

On June 14, Generals Johnston, Hardee, and Polk, while positioned atop Pine Mountain to observe the Union lines, were fired upon by the Union batteries. General Polk was struck in his upper torso by an artillery shell, and died instantly. The observation outpost was abandoned the next day, as Confederate forces rejoined the main Confederate line. Near the summit of the mountain, a stone marker of considerable height has been erected in memoriam to General Polk.

Site access

To get to the site - go to Cobb County, GA. From US 41 in Kennesaw, follow the signs to the National battlefield Park. Turn by the park headquarters on Stilesboro Rd, and follow it for about 4 Miles. There will be a historic marker in a residential yard on the right - but keep going .... about .3 miles, and on the left there will be a road ... Beaumont Road. Turn left and go up a rather steep road. Near the crest of the mountain, there will be another historic sign on the right. Pull over there and walk to the right (past the sign) go about 50-60 feet, and the marker is there. While standing there, one will see some obvious entrenchments, and can gaze down the hill, and one can only surmise where Howard and Sherman were standing when the shot was fired.

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Coordinates: 33°59′21″N 84°38′43″W / 33.9892°N 84.6453°W / 33.9892; -84.6453



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