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Pinto, Madrid, Spain
Country Spain
Autonomous community Madrid
Province MAdrid
Municipality Pinto
 - Total 62.7 km2 (24.2 sq mi)
Elevation 604 m (1,982 ft)
Population (2007)
 - Total over 41,000
 - Density 603.84/km2 (1,563.9/sq mi)
Time zone CET (UTC+1)
 - Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)

Pinto is a town in the southeast of Madrid (Spain) (40°15′N 3°42′W / 40.25°N 3.7°W / 40.25; -3.7).

Formerly, the belief was that Pinto sat on the geographic middle of the Iberian Peninsula, hence its name comes from the Latin Punctum, "point".




Religious monuments

  • Ermita de San Antón ("Saint Anthony Abbot hermitage"). Its environment is now transformed by the construction of a mall. The hermitage had been rebuilt during the 19th century.
  • Ermita del Cristo ("Christ hermitage") In its interior is a crucified Christ that enjoys great popular fervor.
  • Iglesia parroquial de Santo Domingo de Silos ("Parish of Saint Dominique of Silos")

Civilian monuments

  • Éboli tower, where the princess of Eboli was held.
  • Centro Cultural Infanta Cristina. It was thought until recently that this building, then known as Casa de la Cadena (House of the Chain), provided accommodation for the Catholic Monarchs, but serious historical studies have disproved such a possibility.
  • Centro Municipal de Cultura ("Local Culture Center")
  • Francisco Rabal Town Theatre.


A Spanish proverbial phrase is estar entre Pinto y Valdemoro, literally "being between Pinto and Valdemoro", meaning "being neither here nor there", "being undecided".

Famous locals


Demographics Evolution
1900 1950 1960 1965 1970 1975 1981 1986 1991 1996 2001 2006
2,669 3,463 5,494 6,717 9,636 14,217 18,761 20,117 22,251 25,038 31,340 39,432

The current population living in Pinto is over 41,000


Mayors list
Legislature Name Group
1979-1983 Carlos Penit PCE
1983-1987 Carlos Penit PCE
1987-1991 Carlos Penit IU
1991-1995 Gloria Razábal IU
1995-1999 Antonio Fernández PSOE
1999-2003 Antonio Fernández PSOE
2003-2005 Antonio Fernández PSOE
2005-2007 Juan Tendero PSOE
2007-? Miriam Rabaneda PP

Local holidays

  • Fiesta de San Antón, January 17
  • Fiestas del Cristo, From June 3 to June 12
  • Asunción de María|Nta. Sra. de la Asunción, August 15
  • Domingo de Silos|Santo Domingo de Silos, December 20


  • Juan Carlos I Park.
  • Shopping mall Plaza Éboli.


  • Regional park of the Southeast.

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