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South Park episode
405 dance.gif
Pip and Estella.
Episode no. Season 4
Episode 5
Written by Trey Parker
Directed by Eric Stough
Production no. 405
Original airdate November 29, 2000
Guest stars

Malcolm McDowell as A British Person

Season 4 episodes
South Park season 4
April 5, 2000 – December 20, 2000
  1. Cartman's Silly Hate Crime 2000
  2. The Tooth Fairy Tats 2000
  3. Quintuplets 2000
  4. Timmy 2000
  5. Pip
  6. Cartman Joins NAMBLA
  7. Cherokee Hair Tampons
  8. Chef Goes Nanners
  9. Something You Can Do with Your Finger
  10. Do the Handicapped Go to Hell?
  11. Probably
  12. 4th Grade
  13. Trapper Keeper
  14. Helen Keller! The Musical
  15. Fat Camp
  16. The Wacky Molestation Adventure
  17. A Very Crappy Christmas

Season 3 Season 5
List of South Park episodes

"Pip", also known as "Great Expectations", is episode 62 of the Comedy Central series South Park. It originally aired on November 29, 2000. It is a parody of the Charles Dickens novel Great Expectations and draws heavily on the 1946 film adaptation. The character Pip appeared in an unaired pilot for the series, which was not released until 2009 on the South Park Studios website.

The episode stars the South Park character Pip, who is named after the actual protagonist of Great Expectations, and features no other regular characters. "A British Person", played by Malcolm McDowell, narrates the episode.[1]

After this episode's premiere, it would not air again on Comedy Central until December 2006. Since then, it has been re-run infrequently. In commentary, Matt Stone and Trey Parker claim the episode is not very popular.

Plot synopsis

The episode starts off with an introduction by "A British Person" (Malcolm McDowell, in live action) talking about the great masterpieces of English literature. He states that Pip, the character from South Park, is based on the main character in Charles Dickens' book, Great Expectations. The self-proclaimed "British Person" narrates the story throughout the episode.

The animated sequence begins with Pip on his way to the graveyard to see his parents, who are dead. While at the graveyard, an escaped convict appears and threatens Pip. Not scared, Pip helps out the convict by giving him a sandwich and cutting the convict's handcuffs. Pip returns to his home, where his sister's boyfriend Joe reads an advertisement in the newspaper. The wealthiest woman in town, Miss Havisham, is willing to pay twenty quid a day to a little boy who will play with a lonely girl. Pip goes to inquire about the job and Pip meets Estella, a young girl who takes him to see Miss Havisham, insulting him all the while. Pip eventually falls in love with Estella as he plays with her, and she in turn is a little nicer to Pip, and lets him kiss her. They then walk in the garden. They come across a naked boy, who Estella says is another playmate of hers. Miss Havisham, who has been watching through a window, is quite happy about this. Pip fears Estella could never marry a commoner like him, but a man comes in bearing an offer for Pip; an anonymous benefactor has agreed to pay for Pip to go to London and learn how to become a gentleman. Pip assumes the benefactor is Miss Havisham and accepts.

In London, Pip is sent to live with his roommate, Mr. Pocket, the boy Pip saw earlier in the fountain. Pocket says he has nothing to do with Miss Havisham anymore, and tells the story of Miss Havisham. He explains that she grew up as a rich young girl, and was about to marry a man, when he failed to show up at the wedding. He left her a letter, a letter she got at 9:30. Since then, she stopped all the clocks in the house at 9:30, and never looked upon the sun again. Pip spends the rest of his time in London learning how to be a gentleman, by learning "fencing, archery, and how to eat box." After his time in London, he shows up at Miss Havisham's house to thank her for letting him go to London, and to see if he is good enough for Estella. At this point, Pip learns from Miss Havisham that Estella has been learning how to be a woman. Miss Havisham tells Pip that he can find Estella at a party at the palace on Friday. At the ball, held by Tony Blair, the King of England, Pip and Estella dance, and talk about how Pip is now a fine young gentleman. Estella says that she has no heart, and cannot love. Right when it seems fit for Pip to ask Estella to be his girlfriend, her boyfriend Steve comes in. Steve, anachronistically wearing 21st century American clothing, is seventeen, has a car, and for some reason, is not English.

Pip, saddened, runs to tell Miss Havisham, only to find that she approves of Estella's boyfriend. She tells Pip that she is glad that Estella has broken Pip's heart. Estella's boyfriend is saddened to know that Estella was just using him to hurt Pip, and Miss Havisham takes joy that his heart is broken as well. Miss Havisham explains that she has her daughter Estella break hearts so she can use the tears from the men with broken hearts to power her "Genesis Device", allowing the old woman to become young again and put herself in Estella's body, and then she will continue breaking hearts for another generation. She then uses her robot monkeys to attack Pip. Pip escapes and falls unconscious, awakening at an old house with Joe and Pocket. The anonymous person who sent Pip to London is revealed to be the escaped convict Pip met at the beginning of the story. Because of Pip's kindness, the convict led a life of goodness and became a millionaire. Sending Pip to London was his way of repaying Pip for the good that Pip did for him. The four of them, Pip, Joe, Pocket, and the convict, decide to stop Miss Havisham.

The group returns to the mansion as Miss Havisham powers up the device. The convict is killed by an acid-spewing Miss Havisham in the struggle, and Joe is overwhelmed by the robot monkeys. Meanwhile, Pocket tries to get the broken hearted men, who have been hung upside-down over receptacles, not to cry, so they won't power the Genesis Device. Unfortunately, he fails because anything he tries makes them feel sad. Pip tries to convince Estella to leave the machine. He knows she has a heart, and to prove it, he reaches into his sack and pulls out a bunny. He states that no one with a heart would kill a bunny. He gives Estella the bunny; she breaks its neck. Pip then says no one with a heart would kill two bunnies. She breaks the second bunny's neck. This continues until they get to the twenty-sixth bunny. She simply doesn't see the point in killing the bunny. Pip says this proves that she has too big a heart to kill twenty-six bunnies. Estella replies that she may be able to kill it after all, but Pip nevertheless gets her to leave the machine. This disrupts Miss Havisham's transfer process, destroying the machine and setting Miss Havisham ablaze. Joe, Pocket, Estella, and all the men with broken hearts leave the mansion. Estella finally declares her love for Pip, after which Pocket asks for his bunnies back.

The episode ends with the British Person closing the episode. He declares, "Then they all live happily ever after, except for Pocket, who died of Hepatitis B."


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