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Piranshahr (Persian: پیرانشهر, Kurdish: پیرانشار, meaning City of Piran) and is derived from the name of the local Kurdish tribe of Piran is a city located in West Azarbaijan Province in northwest Iran.

Piranshahr is the seat of Piranshahr County and its inhabitants are sometimes referred to as Piranshahris, but this term is also applied to those people who live in the neighburing communities.

Piranshahr is on the border between Iran and Iraq, and the high mountains of Siyah Kooh and Sipan lie respectively to the northwest and south. The River Zaab originates in these mountains.



Zargatan and Kohnehkhaneh are two of the oldest neighborhoods in the city.


The ethnic composition of Piranshahr is Kurdish.

According to the Piranshahr's organization for Civil Registration the highest average annual growth rate in the province is in Piranshahr [1].

Human Rights

The distribution of a book during the Nowruz holidays which disapproves the unity between the minority Sunnis and majority Shiites led to protests by a number of Sunni inhabitants of Piranshahr and West Azarbayjan Province. The Sunni clergy of Piranshahr have requested that the book's author be punished, and the governor of Piranshahr has promised to follow up the case with the Kurd deputies in the Islamic Consultative Majlis and to ask the Minister of Islamic Culture and Guidance to provide explanations in this regard.


  • Turkey violated Iranian air space and border in two incidents, including a July 18 1999 air strike on Iranian border outposts near the town of Piranshahr, in which at least five innocent rural people were killed and 11 wounded. [2]


Alternative spellings

  • Piranshar
  • Piranchar
  • Piranschar
  • Piransar
  • Piranshahr
  • Piranschahr
  • Piranchahr
  • Piransahr
  • Piran Shahr
  • Piran Chahr
  • Piran Schahr
  • Piran Sahr
  • Piran Sar
  • Piran Char
  • Piran Shar
  • Piran Schar

Coordinates: 36°42′00″N 45°07′48″E / 36.7°N 45.13°E / 36.7; 45.13


Simple English

Piranshahr (Persian: پیرانشهر , meaning City of Piran and is derived from the name of the local tribe of Piran is a city in northwest of Iran on the Iraqi border. The people of Piranshahr is composed of Kurds. The people of Piranshahr are called Piranshahri but this term is also applied to those people who live in the neighburing communities.


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