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The title screen, featuring the Pirate Baby.

Pirate Baby's Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006 is a 12-minute, black and white animated movie by Paul Laurence Robertson, featuring music by Cornel Wilczek, also known as Qua. It depicts a fictional side-scroller video game, "heavily influenced and inspired by anime, cult 1980s platform games such as Double Dragon, Bubble Bobble and R-Type, and Australian popular culture" in which two male characters must fight their way through a building full of zombies, humans, giant grubs and octopuses to rescue a woman being held captive by the main antagonist, a pirate baby.

Sponsored by Melbourne's Living the Arts program, it was first shown at the 2006 Next Wave Festival. It was released on the internet as a 113 MB MPEG video on April 20, 2006.


The fictional game begins with an introductory title sequence. There are five play levels, each with a boss at the end. The two heroes each have a preferred fighting style; one primarily uses a baseball bat, though he also uses Uzis at one point, and the other utilizes a variety of kicks. Numerous special attacks are used, including three which are specifically named:

It ends with credits and stills depicting events after the pirate baby is defeated.


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