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Pirate Party of the Netherlands

Piratenpartij Nederland
Leader Samir Allioui
Headquarters PiratenPartij Nederland
Postbus 58006
1040HA Amsterdam
Ideology Freedom of Information,
Copyright and
Patent Reform
International affiliation Pirate Parties International
Politics of the Netherlands
Political parties

The Pirate Party of the Netherlands (Dutch: Piratenpartij Nederland) is a political party in the Netherlands, based on the model of the Swedish Piratpartiet.

The party was founded in 2006 and officially registered at the chamber of commerce on March 10, 2010.[1] The Pirate Party is Wednesday March 10 officially registered with the Chamber of Commerce as a political association. In addition, the Statutes set at the notary. The Pirate Party is thus one step closer to participating in the Lower House elections of June 9. The participation at the 2010 Dutch general elections is planned.

Samir Allioui, co-founder and president of the party, has been head member of Pirate Party International (PPI) since July 2009.[2] Other members of the party include Rogier Huurman and Robbie Hontelé.


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